Fay (20 Jun 2021)
"The things that Confuse Me."


Hi John and Doves,

So, Syria's fate is now being decided between the USA, Russia and Turkey. Some sort of "peace plan" is being cobbled together by the three aforementioned countries.

I ask - with tears in my eyes - just what the heck the USA, Russia and Turkey have to do with Syria's sovereignty? We were told, in the not too distant past, that Bashar Al-Assad had used chemical weapons upon his own people. This 'warranted' foreign intervention. We are now YEEEAARS down the line and there appears to be no resolution within Syria. And no real proof that Bashar Al-Assad was lethally melting his people down with chemical weapons. We hear little from the Syrian people, themselves. In the video clip below, is a clip by one of my heroes - Alexander Mercouris. He is on the ball with all the political machinations going on in the world.

Alexander has now taken it all as a given that the USA, Russia and Turkey are the deciders of Syria's fate. Huh! How did that happen? Seriously....How? These people have taken to feeding us all one single lie and then expect it to stand. Which - to great astonishment - it HAS stood. Gone are the days when they fed us a huge drama like Pearl Harbour or 9/11, as an excuse to pull off a huge, money-making war. Nowadays, they can simply make a statement or two - provide a photo or three and ...Bob's your uncle - it justifies a war.

Going by the statements released by Putin - post the recent G7 - I have concluded that 'they' are all in cahoots. Putin actually defended Biden and said that the media portray him (Biden) badly. Excuse me? After that massive tantrum that Putin threw - sending thousands upon thousands of troops to the border with Ukraine? What has changed? Has there been a shift? Or have they all simply stopped pretending they are opposed to each other? Has the pretence dropped? If so....the end is seriously nigh. All the bads need to unite. Otherwise they are simply dust in the wind. And they have so little regard for us humans (OR, they are rather frightened and desperate) that they have stopped weaving such elaborate lies. They are merely fulfilling end time prophecy. Because ALL is being revealed.