Fay (20 Jun 2021)
"Occult Elite showing their True Colours"


Hi John and Doves,

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this.....article in the link below.

"They" have become more blatant in their messaging to each other. "They" are not really trying to hide it now. China is hitting back at the G7 love fest by releasing weird media messages. Using art....and, more specifically, a painting of the Last Supper.

"They" are gearing up for a war. Doves. Doubt it not. Take one look at the photos of the military posturing going on and you will see it. ALL of them are the evil dudes that run this world. Taking us into war after war after war. Coercing we humans into butchering each other. They are now blatantly squaring off against each other. China is currently the target.

China has overstepped the line. China has been threatening Australia for a long time now. And, according to the media, China is responsible for manufacturing the Covid-19 debacle. China is the current global enemy. Taking the world's attention away from Israel. But let's never kid ourselves. Israel is the end game.

All the nations of Gog and Magog are taking their positions.