Fay (20 Jun 2021)
"The TRUTH and Nothing But!"


I loved the short 3 minute clip in the link below. Please take the time to watch, as it will make your day. I am under no illusion that we humans are being played by the entire media. The old divide and rule tactic is being applied. It's brazen and in-your-face. We are told to be as gentle as lambs but as wise as serpents. Without the full armour of God...of scripture......we would be lost.

This is a war for our souls. Our minds. Our individuality. Our morals.

The thing about evil is that it's so clunking, clod-hopping clumsy. It exposes itself. Because evil is not human - it very soon loses the vital element of believability. It cannot - no matter how hard it tries - gain traction with intelligent human souls. It simply can't. It's easily exposed.