Fay (20 Jun 2021)
"G7 Hypocrisy"


This article is excellent - highlighting the hypocrisy of the political elite. While we-the-people are bound by mask-swearing social distancing, the Mad hatter's Tea Party that was the G7, proved that there is one set of rules for us and one for them. They were not even embarrassed about it. Posing for the "official" photographs, they made out their social distancing skills were abided by. Afterwards, they all mixed freely. You have to see the photos to get the utter hypocrisy of their actions.

Not covered in the article is the fact that "Climate Change" was a biggie on the to-be-discussed agenda. ALL these idiots flew in on private jets. The amount of car traffic in Cornwall was astonishing. Joe Biden alone, had an entourage of 400 security detail. Yet they flap their gobs at us about our carbon footprint.

When are people going to start smelling a rat about this entire debacle? If the elite can lie about the mask mandate, it stands to reason that the vaccine is a fake too. Why would people not start to put two and two together? It's one thing to criticize the lack of social distancing and mask wearing the G7 elite displayed and another to hold the vaccine as sacrosanct. There is now talk of a third jab that will be required !! We keep being treated to the emergence of yet another variant. It would not surprise me if a variant emerged from the foot of the Ngong Gong Hills.

If the mask mandate and social distancing rules are being totally disregarded by these buffoons - we can take it to the bank that the Covid virus is fake news. Therefore, the so-called cure - the vaccine - is also unnecessary. As well as dangerous.