Fay (13 Jun 2021)
"Israel's New Government to be Sworn in on Sunday June 13th !!"


Hi John and Doves,

The signs are positively piling up.....one on top of another. Please see link from JPost below. A special session has been called for this to happen on Sunday June 13th, 2021.

According to many Christian watchmen (Amir Tsarfati included) this new government is a coalition from hell. And because of all the increasing opposition to this coalition, they appear to be in a hurry to get the formalities done and dusted.

June 13th is also the last day of the G7 meeting in UK. All those Presidents and Prime Ministers will still be in UK. The massive war games with Israel, USA, UK and Italy will be on their 7th day of "war gaming" in Italy. Which is right on the Mediterranean Sea (and not that far from Israel !!!) June 13th is also 3 days after the annular solar eclipse.

Link all these signs together with the Ever Given and the replica Noah's Ark being impounded, and we've got a definite "it will be as in the days of Noah" scenario.

Interesting to note a couple of things about the 2 Noah's Ark boats. One (Ever Given) is waiting to be released from the Suez Canal to then make it's way in to the.....Mediterranean Sea ! The other Noah's Ark is waiting to be released from the UK. The Falcon Strike war games are taking place over the....Mediterranean Sea. The G7 extravaganza is happening in UK. Huh !!

Are we about to witness the 7 headed beast (with 10 crowns) arise from the Mediterranean Sea? As a result of a huge war kicking off during the Falcon Strike war games? Because if some sort of accident happens during these war games, it will certainly create fertile ground for WW3. And WW3 would most certainly draw in Russia and China. Is China the dragon that stands on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea?

If this new Israeli government is truly a hellish coalition and constitutes a vile blasphemy against the Covenant Almighty God established with Israel - it stands to reason that all sorts of nightmare will be unleashed.