Fay (13 Jun 2021)
"Sage Advice."


This from a secular source !! The fact that this emanates from a person who doesn't quote the Bible, shows how the Bible is true.

All the words that our LORD Jesus spoke about loving our neighbours as ourselves etc. It's fascinating to think on how our LORD Jesus despised the authorities. He despised the outwardly religious....the pompous and self important. He loved the company of the humble and those who were eager to learn. If we simply look at how the political leaders and tax collectors were viewed during the days that our precious LORD Jesus walked the earth - we can identify with the times we live in. Our leaders are buffoons. Plain and simple. They are greedy and self motivated. They could not care less about their fellow man. Doesn't this sound EXACTLY like the days of Herod and the suffocating Roman occupation of Jerusalem/ Israel? Our LORD despised these people. And those people despised our LORD. They couldn't stand His words of love, healing and forgiveness.

Jesus was loud about His condemnation of these hypocrites. And so should we be too. The time to cower in submission is over.

You will totally identify with the short 9 minute clip in the link.

Courage, Doves. Courage. We must have total confidence in our faith.