Fay (13 Jun 2021)
"Judgements happening thick and Fast!"


Hi John and Doves,

No offence to ANY ordinary citizens of any country is meant by anything in this post. This is all aimed at the politicians. The leadership.

In the link is an article on the Australian government's official stance on Israel and the status of Jerusalem. The article is 2 years old but certainly explains why Australia has been suffering the disasters it has suffered recently. The horrific wildfires of 2019/2020 and the recent mind bending mouse plague it's still suffering from.

Australians are not permitted to travel outside of the country. Residents in Victoria are more than alarmed at the sinister lock-downs they are being subjected to. Yet - Scott Morrison (PM) has arrived in the UK for the G7 shindig. Thousands of foreigners have descended on Cornwall for the G7. None of them had to isolate (at their own expense) for 2 weeks. None had to supply "proof of vaccine". AND... not a mask in sight!

In the article, you will see just how flimsy the so-called support is for Israel, that Australia declares they provide. It's not "support" of any kind. It's mere lip service. Lip service that contradicts itself and cowers to the leftie luvvies.

As Almighty God is in control of everything - including the weather - one must assume the Australian government is not pleasing to God. As this reasoning is becoming more apparent and the judgements more harsh - we can see and feel the ultimate judgements for the entire world, coming soon.