Elliot Hong (27 Jun 2021)
"Tammuz 17 and the 245th US Independence Day"

Dear Doves:

I see 3 scenarios.

1) Tammuz 17 was the day when the Israelites worshipped the golden calf.
     The whole world including many Churches worships the golden calf and mammon in these days.
     Thus it's possible that the midnight cry will be heard on Tammuz 17(6/27).
     Then the Remnant could be birthed on the third day on 6/29. 
     The wedding in Cana was on the third day.
     In my opinion, this is the best video about the wedding in Cana.

2) Many thought that Vincent Tan's $2.34 was the sign indicating the 234th US Independence Day.
     It's 11 years from that day to this coming 7/4, and 11 means Judgment. 
     $2.34 could be applied for this July 2,3,4, and 7/2 is Tammuz 22 (Double Judgment).
     Jerry had a vision that a nuclear explosion occurs on one of 3 major holidays.
     It's 1414 days from the Great American Solar Eclipse to this 7/4, and 1414 is Double Salvation.
     Thus Judgment and Glory could come at the same time on this coming Independence Day.
     Miami building collapse is the ominous sign telling that much severe catastrophe is coming.
3) Barbara received the message "I am closing the door" on 6/24.
     If the Judgment begins from 7/4, we all should go in the ark by Tammuz 17(6/27).
     And something big could occur on 6/27 as a 7 Day Warning.
     Tammuz 17 is 17 days from Annular Solar Eclipse on 6/10.
     17 means Victory and is the number of 153 as it's written in John 21:11.
     Ever Given was refloated at 3PM of 3/29.
     To me, it was the confirmation from the Lord that 3/29 was Passover.
     It's 90 days from 3/29 to Tammuz 17(6/27).
     9 represents Human Gestation and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
     10 means Completion of Cycle.
     It's 5 weeks from Pentecost to Tammuz 17, and 5 means Grace.
     It's 6 weeks from Pentecost to 7/4, and 6 represents Man.

Hopefully this is it!