Elliot Hong (20 Jun 2021)
"3 Days from Summer Solstice is The Third Day"

Dear Doves:

Does the Parable of the Fig Tree suggest Summer Solstice as a hint?
I think so.
Here is why.
This video shows that all kinds of occult festivals are celebrated on Summer Solstice all over the world.
Thus it's possible that the forces of darkness could try to begin their New Age from Summer Solstice of 2021.
Recently many messages of the coming deceptions of Alien came out.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
Here are some examples.
These deceptions could begin to be released from Summer Solstice which could be the turning point.
If the midnight cry comes out on Summer Solstice, 3 days later the Remnant could be birthed on 6/22.
6/22 is the third day, the wedding day at Cana and 22 was given to me as a special sign.
It's 12 days from Annular Solar Eclipse on 6/10 to 6/22, and 12 represents New Jerusalem and Government Change.
It's 11 days from the Jonah's sign that a man was almost swallowed by whale to 6/22, and 11 means Judgment.
It's 30 days from Pentecost to 6/22.
It's 80 days from the Resurrection Sunday of 4/4 to 6/22.
It's 400+8 days from Mother's Day last year when Genevieve heard "Forty Days!" from Gabriel to 6/22.
40 days from 6/22 is 7/31 which is Noah's 7 days later from Tu B'Av.
Tu B'Av prophetically pictures the marriage of the Lamb.
It's 120 days from the Resurrection Sunday of 4/4 to 7/31.
120 represents Church Age and Moses died at the age of 120 which is matched with Genesis 6:3.  
The midnight cry could come out on 6/22, the third day, then the Remnant is birthed on the full moon of Tammuz(6/25).
40 days from 6/25 is 8/3 which is 10 days later from Tu B'Av.
Hopefully this theory becomes a reality this time.