Elliot Hong (13 Jun 2021)
"The Birth of Israel and The Birth of Remnant"

Dear Doves:

This video of "Hourly Watch" reminded me that there was Annular Solar Eclipse on 6/21 last year.
So Genesis 41:32 can be applied for "Ring of Fire" on 6/10/21 that God firmly decided and will shortly bring it to pass.
I also learned from the video of Steve Fletcher that there was Annular Solar Eclipse 5 days before the birth of Israel.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyaySqdPZey (see 13:13-14:33)
Since the Church was grafted in, there is a connection between the birth of Israel and the birth of the Remnant.
And it fits to Rev.12:5.
5 days from Annular Solar Eclipse on 6/10/21 is Tammuz 4.
In the previous letter, I wrote that "I'm convinced that $2.34 indicates Tammuz 2,3,4."
And it's possible that "The Midnight Cry" will be heard on Tammuz 2, then the door is closed on Tammuz 4(6/14).
4 means Door and 14 means Salvation.
Amazingly, it's 877 months from the birth of Isarel to this Tammuz 4.
According to the Calvin's post, the baby moon passes Venus on 6/12, then moves close to Castor, Pollux and Mars on 6/13.
And the young moon will meet Regulus of Leo on 6/15.
It seems that all the puzzles fit together perfectly.