DP (27 Jun 2021)
""RE: GINO: 06.13.21: taken""



Gino, in one verse the word is used for 'dead body'......and in Luke the word is used for 'body'.

Different writers...Matthew and Luke.

I think the reference is to the same event. 

My understanding 'came' to me several years ago. I have never heard anyone else with this understanding.

Clearly Jesus is talking about the Rapture....and it would be normal for the disciples to ask Him....'' where'' in response to Jesus mentioning being ''taken''. 

Jesus answered in a cryptic way.....meaning they would be taken to heaven which is where Jesus will be after the 

Some have mis-interpreted these passages as referring to one taken to judgement/ but this cannot be since the word used for ''taken'' is always in a positive sense/ paralombano.