Chance (27 Jun 2021)
"Get Vaccinated Or Else"

Hello John and Doves,
As Biden et al begin to loose their patience with the vaccine 'hesitant' - it's just a matter of time until they give up on their 'incentives', TV ads, personal mailings, etc, I think this will be coming to America:

Philippines' Duterte: 'Vaccine Or I Will Have You Jailed'
President Duterte of the Philippines has threatened to jail people who don't get the Covid-19 vaccine, saying, "I'm just exasperated by Filipinos not heeding the government."
And then we have governments pushing the vaccine on their citizens:  "Indonesia has made coronavirus vaccination for citizens compulsory..."
Indonesia makes Covid-19 vaccines compulsory, allows private vaccination, SE Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
And "the Malaysian government has no plan to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory.  However, the government may switch its game plan to a mandatory vaccination policy so that the desired herd immunity levels can be achieved within the designated time frame."
"....mandatory vaccination should be considered when it is necessary to the achievement of public goals.  The steps towards mandatory vaccination can be justified when it prevents serious harm to others in the community....if we do not advance in levels once vaccines are fully and freely available, harsher policies and certain degrees of compulsion or mandatory Covid-19 vaccination may well be necessary."   Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination?
Right now Biden et al are doing everything they can using peer pressure, TV ads, various incentives, even working with child care places to free up parents so they can go get vaccinated.  Biden's first goal was 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4. 
"We set 70 per cent of adults as our aspirational target.  We have met or exceeded if for most of our population.  This is a remarkable achievement....Today, nearly 80 per cent of people 65 and older are fully vaccinated...For Americans who are 40 years old and over, 75 per cent have received at least one shot.  For Americans 30 or older, we have met the President's goal of one shot.  That's right, we have met the President's' 70 per cent goal of all Americans 30 and over,".....   Hmmm.  Seems the younger the population the more the vaccine hesitancy. 
US covid vaccination: US likely to miss July 4 COVID-19 vaccination target - The Economic Times
The 18 - 26 age group is the most vaccine hesitant.  But the feds have a plan - "the Delta variant now spreading across the country and infecting younger people worldwide" is their push/manipulation to take control of this age group!  And in many of this age, it is working!  Amazing how just the right variant pops for just the right population demographic!!
US covid vaccination: US likely to miss July 4 COVID-19 vaccination target - The Economic Times
The new Biden goal is to get 160 million Americans fully vaccinated "no later than mid-July".
The government has already said it is legal for businesses, universities/schools to require vaccination of all those who enter their hallowed grounds.  It won't take much to push all businesses, hospitals, health care facilities, grocery stores, public places, etc. to require the vaccine before entering the site.
This would, in many cases, take care of those bothersome vaccine hesitant.
The vaccinated - who are suppose to be protected now - are soooo worried about the unvaccinated.  Why?  'You're fine.  Leave the unvaccinated alone'.  But that is NOT the case!
The mRNA code in Covid-19 is also in the vaccine!  And this mRNA can NEVER be broken down by the body over time.  It is present for life.
Seems a whole bunch of fully vaccinated doctors and health care workers in Indonesia that were full vaccinated have been hospitalized with, guess what....Covid-19.  This is NOT 'vaccination breakthrough' this is injected Covid-19 mRNA via a vaccine. This is not some 'variant' that suddenly appeared or a Chinese Covid-19 vaccine that didn't work. 
The problem with a Chinese mRNA vaccine is the same problem with all of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.  It's just becoming more obvious in countries that actually report their 'breakthrough' cases instead of hiding them.  To keep U.S. breakthrough numbers down, the CDC is now only tracking those that lead to hospitalizations and deaths.  Using VAERS, where maybe 1% of all adverse reactions are even reported - according to a fed study a few years ago., the CDC will never know nor report all of the 'breakthrough' cases in the U.S.
The Chinese COVID Vaccines Donít Seem to Work | Powerhouse News
And to take out two birds with one stone:  "Delta variant behind most breakthrough infections..."   They can call it whatever they's infection via vaccine.
[EXCLUSIVE] Delta variant behind most breakthrough infections, infecting even after vaccine jabs: AIIMS study | India News
In my state of Colorado I have received two mailings from recently:  One is a large card "Colorado Comeback Cash Win $1 Million When You Get Your Covid-19 Vaccine! And a letter from the Chief Medical Officer at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment:  "An important update from a Colorado doctor near you on the Covid-19 vaccine".  This is on the envelope.  Inside is a one page letter - printed on one side.   The vaccine is safe, highly effective, available to everyone 12 and older in Colorado for free.  "We have a vaccine reserved for you."  Plus a note at the bottom telling me I'll be entered in a $1 million weekly drawing until July 6 IF I GET VACCINATE BY JUNE 30. 
It's encouraging me to take the vaccine for the sake of my friends, family and community..."so we all have the freedom to get back to the things we love."  
These mailings are to ME.  Not "resident" like most general mailings.  These have my name on them.  They know who has been vaccinated and who has not.  They are keeping track in a big database in Colorado.
Seems they are just waiting for the vaccine to be fully approved by the FDA.  Our Navy is fully aware of this:  "When it's formally approved, which we expect pretty soon, we'll probably go to that (mandatory jab)."  Some 72% of our sailors are fully vaccinated - 82% have taken one shot.
CNP: COVID vaccines likely to become mandatory soon
Watch what happens when the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved.  Then the Moderna.  "It is "highly likely" that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines will be fully approved by the FDA as early as the second half of this year...."
Covid vaccines: What full FDA approval means for you
Once approved - "there will likely be more vaccine mandates...Traditionally, employers and universities have the right to mandate vaccines"...still there are concerns for people with disabilities, and there are religious and medical reasons to deal with.  But I imagine these pesky problems can be dealt with.
Covid vaccines: What full FDA approval means for you
What exactly is their "game plan" and what exactly is the "designated time" for all to be vaccinated?  It doesn't take much to connect the dots of the WEF, Bill Gates, China, Biden, FDA, CDC, NIH, etc.  
We know that God has a prophetic timeline for everything to happen.  I imagine that satan does too - it's written out for him in Daniel and The Revelation.
If this doesn't raise red flags .....
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!