Chance (20 Jun 2021)
"Gino - Your Question On China Entering Our Country"

Hello John, Doves, and Gino,
Gino asked, "Could China possibly enter our country, on a large scale, from the north or south, or from the coast?" 
RE: Chance: 06.06.21: Chinese defector
Excellent question!  
I certainly believe this is going to happen - I've been hearing 'rumors' of Chinese troops stationed in Canada (which has gone to the dark side) and in Mexico (which is full of cartels).  I've also heard 'rumors' of Russia and China making some sort of deal where Russia/China attack the U.S. and Canada - and Russia takes Alaska/Canada and China gets the 48 states.
I had recently read J.R. Nyquist Blog article titled:  "Invasion America?"  Posted June 12, 2021

Invasion America? J.R. Nyquist Blog
J. R. writes that the Chinese and Russians are thinking along the same lines - "it will not be sufficient to have nuclear weapons - but it will be necessary that the ground forces be able to move rapidly into regions which have been subjected to nuclear strikes.  Only when this problem is solved will it be possible to speak of the effective exploitation of nuclear strikes by tanks and infantry in conclusively defeating the enemy, or of carrying out extensive maneuvers and decisive advances in depth."
"Think of it this way:  bombs cannot take over a country.  Only soldiers can do that.  The real question is:  How would you get Chinese soldiers into the United States in the opening days of a war?  There are at least three scenario:  1) you could move military personnel by ship to prepared enclaves in Mexico on the eve of war; 2) you could move military personnel by ship toward American ports; 3) you could fly troops to specifically prepared airfields."
"Today, Chinese ships are docking up and down the West Coast and in Mexico.  We never think of those ships in terms of military sealift capacity.  But, in truth, they can move troops and supplies into North America just as easily as they can move consumer goods....What might they off-load into ports if war is about to break out?'
"The Chinese communists, of course, are now talking about war with the United States.....Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, "warned on Thursday that China's military is rapidly expanding its capabilities....He warned that "fraying" relations with China and Russia required urgent improvement in ties to prevent a "great power war."
"I am sorry, General Milley, but avoiding a great power conflict is not up to us.  We stupidly failed to maintain the balance of power.  We wrongly believes that Russia and China were enemies that could never join forces.  Our "brilliant" statesmen and our Pentagon strategists made no preparation for this eventuality.  Furthermore, we had decades of warnings about this very thing - from Russian defectors!"
He goes on to say that Moscow and Beijing have shifted the balance of power AGAINST AMERICA!   GRU defector Stanislav Lunev warned us in 1998 that Russia and China had put together a war plan against North America.  "There would be an invasion, he said, in which Russia took Alaska and part of Canada while China took the lower 48 states." We have fallen into their trap.  We believed the nonsense that communism had collapsed.  Yet we see it in Venezuela, Cuba, Africa, Mexico, Canada and now in America via Biden, Democrats/RINOs, et al.  
Nyquist wrote that " can bet there are more Chinese in Baja today than ever.  You can also bet that China is stockpiling weapons and uniforms right here, inside the United States..."
 I'll add that now China Joe and his communist Democrats/RINOs are running the country.  "A Marxist takeover of America is only meant to soften the country up, to make it ready for destruction." And a ground force will be needed to conquer America."
"What would you say if a Chinese general acquired a 200-square-mile area right on the Mexican border) in Texas to build a fake wind farm?  What would you say if that same Chinese general was building a 10,000 foot runway on that same property?  (This is right beside a very sensitive U.S. military installation.)
And then today, June 19, 2021, Nyquist had this:  "Interview with Nevin:  Red Dawn in Retrospect"
Interview With Nevin: Red Dawn in Retrospect J.R. Nyquist Blog
"We've got a biological war going on. The Chinese are telling their people to get ready for nuclear war.  The Russians are getting ready....These are all pre-war signs.  They (the Russians) are getting rid of the dollars in their sovereign funds; and then you have these mass assassinations, these drone attacks in Mexico...This is very important for them, for pre-positioning small units of Spetsnaz troops."

(517) Kyle Bass: Communist China Controls 200 Sq Miles in Texas Next to Major Air Force Base - YouTube
"China Controls 200 Sq Miles in Texas Next to Major Air Force Base"  Epoch Times
The Chinese can directly plug into our electric power grid.  It's called The Morning Star Ranch.

Former Chinese general owns 200 square miles in Texas next to Air Force Base World Tribune: U.S. Politics and Culture, Geopolitics, East Asia Intelligence, China, Geostrategy, Military, National security, Corporate Watch, Media Watch, North Korea, Iran, Columnists: Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, John Metzler, Jeffrey Kuhner, John McNabb, Joe Schaeffer, Bill Juneau, Alexander Maistrovoy, Donald Kirk
(517) Populist Roundtable: Episode 9 Part 4 J.R. Nyquist - YouTube
 June 6, 2021  Populist Roundtable:  Episode 9 Part 4 J.R. Nyquist
In this episode, Nevin and Jeff discussed the Red Dawn Scenario, the Chinese role in Covid-19, potential collaborators with Russian/Chinese occupation forces, Russian military strategy, the writings of Soviet era commissioned officers, and more...
Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show has reported on this Chinese acquisition in Texas.Investor Kyle Bass drops bombshells: Chinese general just bought 200-square-mile Texas ranch along U.S.-Mexico border and has sinister plans | The Common Sense Show
Since the above articles/interviews were written/recorded, Texas has stepped up to the plate. Texas has passed legislation called "The Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act" - "It won't allow companies controlled by China, Russia, Iran or North Korea, or one of their citizens to tie in to critical power, cyber security, communications, hazardous waste or water treatment facilities."
The wind farm 'poses a threat to national security and our power grid."
Yet - "the wind farm passed security reviews with the federal government and the Department of Defense." This shows how compromised America is now under the communists running the country.
Texas stops Chinese billionaire from building wind farm
American land should NEVER be sold to any country or individual associated with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea - any of our enemies. The Morning Star Ranch belongs to a former Chinese military general billionaire who purchased 140-thousand acres with plans to build wind and solar farms." Yah, right!
This sale/purchase should NEVER have happened! This should have been a big red flag especially for our DOD - but they, under Biden et al, signed off on this purchase. The country has been opened up to the CCP now, thanks to Joe. I'm sure they did not anticipate Texas cutting them off at the pass! That had to torque the CCP!
And I'm remembering Pastor Dana's dream from last year (no date was given, but I believe the calendar month was November/December - winter time) - where he saw in D.C. Russian and Chinese troops rounding people up.  Check out at 7 minutes.  (517) Pastor Dana Coverstone shares his prophetic dreams from 6.22.20 about COVID-19, The Election and . . - YouTube
Pastor Dana never gave a year for the calendar month in the dream.  It could happen this year, 2021.
Things are moving quickly under Biden.  Bad things are happening.
Gino, I certainly believe that there will be a Russian/Chinese coordinated attack coming on America.  And invasion of boots on the ground.  I do expect tactical nukes at military installations/certain cities/etc.  I also believe that China has plans for an ethnic biological weapon attack along with the release of another Covid-virus that will be the second half of the binary Covid-19 vaccine bioweapon on our population before a ground invasion happens. China wants our land/infrastructure with minimal damage/radiation pollution.  I believe these bioweapons will be deadly to at least 200 million Americans.  And this is somehow involved with Biden's 200 million Americans vaccinated by July 4 and the big push going on now across the country.  I believe the CCP/China is behind this.  They are on a time table.
I see only judgment coming to America.  I hope and pray the Rapture comes soon.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Here's the real estate info on The Morning Star Ranch.  Looks like it sold for $30 million...
19,202.83 acres in Val Verde County, Texas