Chance (13 Jun 2021)
"Warnings About The mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine"

Hello John and Doves,
J R Nyquist's has numerous excellent articles on his blog: 

The Marxist Takeover of America – J.R. Nyquist Blog
On May 25, 2021 he posted "The Marxist Takeover of America".
In the section "Revolution, Biowar and the CDC" - Nyquist writes about two top scientists and their information/expertise/knowledge on Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccine and adverse reactions.

Dr. Michael Yeadon is a former Vice President and Chief Scientist at Pfeizer.  He has been very outspoken about the Covid-19 pandemic and the corresponding mRNA vaccine.
He realized early in this 'pandemic' that something was terribly wrong.  He said that those fighting the pandemic were "absolutely lying about everything" - asymptomatic transmission, lockdowns work, masks work, variants are to be feared, international borders need to be closed.  All of these he said are Red Flags!
He believes there is something sinister behind all of this.
"There is no question in my mind that very significant powerbrokers around the world have either planned to take advantage of the next pandemic or created the pandemic."
Dr. Yeadon knows THEY have an endgame:  "I think the end game is going to be, 'everyone receives a vaccine'...Everyone on the planet is going to find themselves persuaded, cajoled, not quite mandated, hemmed-in to take a jab."
General Chi of China (who I have written about before) has talked about the killing of two hundred million Americans.  China wants to colonize America.   Nyquist writes that "No biological weapon could kill that many people in the deniable way that a realistic war plan would require; unless, you had 100 percent cooperation from your victim in setting up your delivery system.  A number of questions follow from this:  What is the main biological attack vector is not a virus?  What if Covid-19 is merely a provocation?  What if the lethal attack vector is the mRNA technology?  What if the real attack is the vaccine?  Why, in fact, aren't the Chinese and Russians using mRNA vaccines?  Why won't any of America's enemies use mRNA technology in fighting the pandemic at home?  (Note:  China is testing an mRNA vaccine for use in Mexico, not China.)
Dr. Yeadon said that "Biotechnology provides you with limitless ways, frankly, to injure or kill billions of people."
"Yeadon cannot think of a "benign explanation for any of the steps" now being taken.  What is being introduced by this new class of vaccines is "Unnecessary gene sequences injected into the arms of potentially billions of people for no reason.  Well, there must be a reason; only we are not being told what that reason is."
"I'm very worried, " says Yeadon, "that the pathway will be used for mass depopulation, because I can't think of any benign explanation.  Those who have had the illness, and have acquired immunity, do not need a shot.  So, the government program of lying and pushing mRNA shots, is a red flag....the governments, says Yeadon, are all lying."
Dr. Delores Cahill, professor of molecular genetics, School of Medicine at Univerisity College Dublin says that these mRNA vaccines create various adverse reactions. 
Professor of Molecular Genetics issues ‘chilling warning’ on Covid mRNA vaccines… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
These are only two of many speaking out against this Covid-19/vaccine plandemic.  
Something is very wrong.
We know Marxists/Communists are working through out America at all levels of government, society, education, etc.  We are fighting for our country our very lives!
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!