Chance (13 Jun 2021)
"Cyber Polygon (WEF) - Exercise About World Supply Chain Cyberattacks"


Hello John and Doves,
Well, the World Economic Forum, created by Klaus Schwab - creator of The Great Reset/New World Order -  has another 'event' planned.
"Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world's largest technical training exercise for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from international organisations and leading corporations.  The 2021 conference discusses the key risks of digitalisation and best practice for the secure development of digital ecosystems."
"The 2021 conference discusses the key risks of digitalisation and best practices for the secure development of digital ecosystems."
"The 2021 technical exercise builds and tests the skills needed to protect our industries, centering on a targeted supply-chain attack."
This year they will "centre on secure development of of every single element of a supply-chain is key to ensuring the sustainability of the whole system."
"During the technical exercise, participants will hone their practical skills in mitigating a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.'
"The event will be hold online on July 9th."
Cyber Polygon | World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum/Great Rest is nothing but a new naming of the One World Government/New World Order.  Nothing the WEF does for humanity/the world is good - it's for their selfish purposes.
This exercise could easily be used to see how to target supply chains effectively - thus controlling the supply chains and controlling the people. 
Look at the recent cyber hacks on the Colonial Pipeline and JBS Meat Packing plant!

Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack: Hackers Used Compromised Password - Bloomberg

JBS: Cyber-attack hits world's largest meat supplier
The globalists Kissinger famously said, "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."  And Klaus Schwab considered Kissinger "among the top 3-4 figures who had most influenced his thinking over the course of his entire life." 
Klaus Schwab Was Henry Kissingerís Pupil and the Son of a Nazi Collaborator Who Used Slave Labor and Aided Nazi Efforts to Obtain the First Atomic Bomb - Stillness in the Storm
Remember, "The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY.  The exercise resulted in millions around the world dying, quarantines, social distancing, masks, and economies collapsing, etc.  Pretty much a blueprint for everything that's going on now with Covid-19. 
Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts
And shortly after that the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) was released on the world.
Will this 'exercise' provide THEM with all they need to take control of the world's supply chains this year?  The gas, the food, etc.
Nothing good for mankind has ever come out of the WEF.  The WEF has an agenda of control, depopulation.
Cyber Polygon will be held on July 9, 2021. 
On the Hebrew chabad calendar this is 29 Tammuz - Tammuz is a month "associated with a number of tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people throughout history."  Maybe Tammuz will be a tragic month for the whole world as we approach the beginning of Jacob's Trouble. 
Tammuz: Darkest before Dawn | Discover | First Fruits of Zion
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!