Carl Worline (20 Jun 2021)
"My Thoughts on the COVID Crisis"

My Thoughts on the Covid Crisis


Please forgive me if I put forth a couple of my thoughts on the COVID crisis.  There has been so much said already that I find it difficult, if not intolerable, to read any more on the subject.  I beg for your forgiveness and indulgence as I throw a couple of my own observations into the mix.

Please consider the scenario I am about to put forth with an open mind before rejecting me as a lunatic.  I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, although I find it increasingly difficult to claim my neutrality as the days and weeks go by. 

A few months ago, I read a number of articles about Chinese government officials warning their people to prepare for war with America.  These articles started to appear just before the COVID crisis earned the center of attention of the worldwide mainstream media.  At the time I dismissed the stories I read.  Perhaps, I was a bit premature in doing so.

Consider this for just a moment:  What if a small group of very wealthy, very powerful, and very, very evil individuals conspired together to acquire an incredibly large amount of power and wealth?  We are talking about a plan on a global scale.  What if they were able to manipulate a huge and powerful national government like the China government to assist them in this endeavor? What if Satan, himself, was the mastermind who was pulling the proverbial strings?

The Chinese government has not been particularly pleased with America in the past.  We have imposed sanctions against them.  We have denied them our technology which they so desperately crave.  We have stood against them in their squabbles with Taiwan by recognizing Taiwan’s independence.  We have both challenged them and embarrassed them on the worldwide stage.

We have angered the Chinese government to the point that they would have certainly struck back at us if that were practical.  However, America has a strong military (even though that strength is steadily declining) and China would suffer horribly if they attempted any form of attack upon us.

What if it were possible to kill 605,915* Americans, injure 33,611,037* more, inflict a painfully severe blow to America’s economy, hurt untold millions more of her people, and get away with it without any retaliatory consequences?  Would this be the most brilliant military strategy of our modern era??  Would this be the most brilliant military strategy of all time – of all of history?? (*As of 9 AM, June 18, 2021)

I think so.

The very, very evil men and women I mentioned above are also the people who are continually preaching to us that we need to exterminate a large percentage of the world’s population in order for the rest of the planet to survive. 

Coincidentally, such a mass extermination would contribute dramatically to their quest to acquire vastly more wealth and power on a global scale.  As of 9 AM on June 18, 2021, there have been 177,483,286 confirmed cases of COVID and 3,843,421 deaths worldwide.

Perhaps the primary reason that the Corona virus was created at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, and released in a wet market just walking distance from that lab was to create a need for a vaccine that would bring irreversible destruction and suffering upon mankind.  A supposed vaccine that is really not a vaccine at all by definition.

God destroyed all but eight human beings in a great flood because mankind had become sinful.  When we read deeper into what the Bible tells us in Genesis 6, we find that rebellious angels left their heavenly estate and produced children with the daughters of men. This mixing of angelic and human DNA was not only a contamination of human DNA, but potentially a pollution of the messianic bloodline.  This was the sin that sickened God so much that He destroyed all living things on the earth with a flood.

We are created in the image of God and our DNA is the blueprints for the creation and development of our bodies.  This new “vaccine” uses messenger RNA to change that genetic coding and the changes that it makes are irreversible. They can never be fixed.  Any change to our DNA, no matter how insignificant, moves us away from the image of God.

The Bible tells us that those who accept the Mark of the Beast are condemned to eternal damnation and suffering in hell for all eternity.  Although it is not specifically stated in the Bible, I believe that the reason for this horribly severe and everlasting punishment is because the mark changes the DNA of the one who receives it.  I am also not alone in this assumption.

The vaccine was not developed to save us from the COVID virus.  The COVID virus was developed to coerce us into taking the “vaccine.”

On one end of the spectrum, one Draconian measure after another is being introduced to prevent people from buying or selling, or from traveling, or from attending events, or from many other facets of everyday life unless they can prove that they have taken the poison. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we see one bribe after another being offered to those who do take the vaccine.  I have seen “free” gift card, “free” meals, “free” tickets to events as well as many other seemingly “free” incentives being put forth.  There have even been million-dollar lottery drawings in places within the United States for those who have been vaccinated.  I have read of instances that are so spectacularly unbelievable as our rabidly liberal fanatics offering “free” guns to those who accept the poison. 

Guns?  From the liberals??

Let us also take note that the ones who are offering us this free vaccine and free incentives include the same greedy pharmaceutical companies who are routinely being accused of incredulous financial avarice in which they price their life saving products well beyond the reach of those who are suffering and even dying.  Those who are old and feeble are the ones who seem to suffer the most.  They include the ones who must often go without food, or electricity, or other everyday services of products in order to pay hundreds of dollars for a small bottle of pills that cost but a few pennies to manufacture.

Is it just me, or have you also noticed inconsistencies if the reporting by our mainstream media of events as the COVID crisis developed??  For example, I saw one story after another on the nightly news of how the hospitals were overrun with patients and how healthcare workers were working until the dropped.  I also saw where that huge hospital ship sailed to New York, treated one single patient, and then sailed away.  Emergency hospitals were set up in parking garages and parking lots but many were never used.

COVID has caused horrible suffering and heartbreaking deaths in the United States and in the rest of the world for sure.  However, the reporting of the crisis has been anything but fair or accurate.  What is the real truth?  Why all of the distortions??

When it first came on the scene the vaccine met very few of the criteria set forth in the Bible for the Mark of the Beast.  Since then, it has been rapidly evolving toward those criteria although it has still not met all of the criteria yet.  As I watch the evolution of the vaccine, I continue to wonder what it’s long-term effects will be on humanity.  Does it contain a kill switch within its formulation that will bring death and destruction to a significant percentage of the world’s population??

Is the vaccine already killing and injuring people now and, if so, why is this being so under-reported?  Why is the mainstream media pushing so hard for us to take the mark and at the same time pushing so hard to suppress the harmful effects that are happening right now?

Please let me say this:  Do not blame the Asian people living among us.  They had nothing to do with what has happened and they are victims too.  Do not blame the Chinese people.  They had nothing to do with anything that has happened.  Instead, blame that small group of incredibly powerful, obscenely rich, and very, very evil people who conspired together in their lusts for more power and more money.  These are the ones who manipulated the corruptible officials within the Chinese Communist Party in China to assist them in their evil quest.

The small group of evil people I mentioned above achieved their goal to acquire more power and influence.  The Chinese government won in their attempt to strike a blow against America and they got away with it without going to war after all.  Satan succeeded in his attempt to magnify his position on the world stage and in his efforts to bring forth the Mark of the Beast.  And finally, God advanced His plans for the End Times in mysterious ways that are still unfolding.  Prophecy has been fulfilled in all of this and there is still more to unfold.  Much more.

Considering the lateness of the eschatological hour I am inclined to believe that the vaccine could very well be the Mark of the Beast or at the very least, a prototype thereof. 

One thing that I am certain of is that anything that in any way changes or modifies our DNA is a gross violation of God’s intentions for us. 



Carl Worline

June 19, 2021