Bob Ware (20 Jun 2021)
"6/7/1967 linked to 6/21/2021 by the numbers: 153, 276, 234 and 10,000"

On June 7th of 1967 the Jews took control of the eastern Holy sites of Jerusalem on the third day of the Six Day War. That was the 28th of Iyar of 5727.


The 28th of Iyar 5781 was May 10th of 2021 which was the 234th day of 5781. May 10th of 5781 was exactly 10,000 days since Vincent Tan received the $2.34 from the Angel on December 23rd of 1993. The 234th day in office for George Walker Bush was September 11th of 2001.


June 21st of 2021 will be the 276th day of 5781. There were 276 saved in Paul’s shipwreck in Acts 27:37.


From May 10th of 2021 to June 21st of 2021 will be 6 weeks of 7 days, or 6 x 7 days. June 7th of 1967 could be written as 6/7 of ’67.


Biden begins his 153rd day in office on June 21st of 2021 (6/21). 621 is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Christ’. There were 153 fish caught in the net in John 21:11.


Before I had finished this letter Danny Hamrick sent me this additional anomaly: 621 = 234 + 234 + 153.


June 21st of 2021 may be a day to watch Israel.