Angela (27 Jun 2021)
"Iran: Too Close for Comfort"

John and Doves,

I wrote-in a couple of weeks ago about how Iran
is sending 2 warships West, loaded with weapons to--most likely-- a port in Venezuela or Cuba, for a weapons- transfer deal, most likely. 
All 3 of these countries are adverse to America.

If perchance these weapons are intended for the U.S., what will we do ?
President Biden already has said that they are allowed to go along our Eastern Coast.(??)

If they come in warships with deadly weapons, then most likely we may come under their attack.
That is my perception.

Kirsten Fontenrose  (former National Security  Council official) is an expert in this field. She rightly claims that if we look the other way, Iran will continue with weapon- transfers to our enemies.

In the past few years, under our noses, our enemies were making friends and influencing smaller nations to join with the bigger nations in defeating America. 
This is what K. Fontenrose calls going from "zero to hero ".
She does not believe our allies will come to our aid, if ever need be.
"We'll have to deal with this one on our own", she stated.

U.S.Leaving Israel, Mideast

Here are some dots we need to connect.

Biden is flirting with Iran to ....go ahead and have your bomb by July. I won't stop you. In fact, I'll make it  easier for you by removing Trump's sanctions.

Biden also is pulling out
hundreds our U.S. forces in the Mideast, our Patriot and THAAD anti-missile systems, and our jet fighter units. 

As we leave Israel, Israel is planning for the protection of our troops stationed
in the Mideast with LASER anti- drone responses.
This latest invention by Israel is cutting edge.

On Tuesday June 22 an Iranian drone attacked our U.S. base "Victory" in Iraq.
We still await news of the outcome. 

Raisi will be the New President of Iran soon. He is referred to as 
"The Butcher of Iran", 
with a long trail of blood and torture in his resume.

Hawks are now being added to the world's list of leaders such as Raisi and Bennett. 
Yet the U.S. continues with Yellow-diplomacy. We are not feared by our enemies, as we should be.

Are we leaving our ally Israel to fend for herself, 
just as Iran gets the bomb?

Biden is re-establishing
P L O connections with support and money. 

Genesis 12:3
"I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) ,
and will curse him that curseth thee."


U.S.warns Iran   

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