Angela (20 Jun 2021)
"Amir: No real leadership anywhere"

John and Doves,

In Amir Tsarfati's latest news letter, he sheds light on things that we can expect from the new "government of chage"  in Israel.

First of all, N.Bennett's government is such a kaleidoscope of different political parties, one wonders what kind of decision making would prevail. In a word, Israel is perceived as unstable.

So is our American government. Biden is perceived as diminished, and Harris not relegated to anything definitive.

Iran will be holding elections soon and no one knows the outcome.

With many leaders appearing weak, wouldn 't this be a good time to rise and fill the vacuum of assertiveness and be a world leader? After all, there is no real competition out there.

Revelation 13:1  tells us that the antichrist will rise amongst chaos ( churning seas) and fill that void with global ambition.

Global Religion

Amir also shows the projected buildings of "The Abrahamic Family House,"
wherein the unity of Islam, Judaism, and Roman Catholicism will dwell, symbolically.

It will be in the U A E , Abu Dhabi, where Pope Francis signed unity papers with 
al- Tayeb thus creating Chrislam, in 2019. 

To my way of thinking, this so called unity will only be a watered down "religion"  of global humanism.

Amir's news letter is always informative. He is reporting from Romania,
where he is on a mission.