Angela (20 Jun 2021)
"Nightbirde Credits Jesus"

John and Doves,

Last week I shared with you the amazing gift that Nightbirde sang on 
A G T America's Got Talent. And her famous quote:
"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore to decide to be happy." 

I would also like to share with you some of her story concerning her cancer diagnosis ( only 2% chance of recovery), and her encouragement to live strong regardless of people and circumstances. She gives  credit to Jesus for her gift-song "It's OK", saying " He is written all over it." 

Her smile is the Gospel in lip-reading. Her attitude is the Spirit of Christ in the tone of her voice.
Her light reflects the glow of God. She is so honest, real, and transparent.

" I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction ".
Isaiah 48:10

One can't help but receive  
renewal through her personal resurrection.

To God be the Glory !

Her real name is Jane
Marczewski and with cancer in her lungs, spine and liver, she has only months to live, unless the Lord has other plans. May that be so.