Angela (13 Jun 2021)
"Hezbollah's intentions"

John and Doves,

Erick Stakelbeck, reporter for  is currently filming from Israel, and in this video he is speaking
with I D F  Major Elliott
Chodoff along the Northern border of Israel with termed "Hezbollah Land".

And of course we know that Lebanon is under the control of Hezbollah,
the primary Subsidiary of Iran.

There are approximately
30,000 Hezbollah troops in Lebanon, with a quarter of a million rockets ready to fire.(250,000).

Hezbolla wants to conquer the Galilee region and get closer to the rest of Israel. 

One of their main goals is to take over communities, slaughter the citizenry, and video the assault as a major victory for Hezbollah over Israel.
They want to supply the world with propaganda in their P R campaign.

Do you think the
UNHRC ...the United Nations Human Rights Counsel in Geneva will condemn the Hezbollah? Are you kidding?
The only middle east nation that the U N  ever condemns is Israel.

Part of that Hezbollah  operation is to cut off all communication in Israel in order to disadvantage Israel with confusion and the inability to respond.

Israel must make sure the Hezbollah seize N O ground whatsoever.

Israel is up against a war that only God can intervene for them and win, by His mighty power.
God is a man of war.
Exodus 15:3.

Ezekiel 39: 22
"So the house of Israel shall know that I Am the LORD their God from that day and forward."

If Hezbollah's tactic is to first cut off Israeli communication, then this could be the hook in the jaw that brings in Iran and the Magog forces.

But all the enemies of Israel have *no chance of winning.*
Please see Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Please notice that the initial goal is shutting off all communication, so that the opponent has no ability to counter back.

Is that not like North Korea planning an E M P attack against America, before the Magog War, thus giving Russia and her allies a major advantage  ? Yes.

In the Magog war we will witness the mighty acts of God.
Truly! Our God is an awesome God ! ! !