Angela (13 Jun 2021)
"Amir from Italy: Letting our light shine"

John and Doves,

Amir Tsarfati 
is on his European Update tour, beginning with Italy and Pastor Angl ( not sure of spelling) of Mission Paradise church.

"The Beginning of the End" 

Amir gives a quick summary of:
The situation in Syria

The Russian presence;
    selling surveillance        
    satellite to Iran

The Turkish presence;
  90 outposts in Syria
  to wipe out Kurds

Vienna finally realizes that Iran is only *weeks* away from having the BOMB    (July) ???

Two Iranian *warships*
in the Atlantic Ocean, on way to Venezuela with military weaponry aboard.
What are their 
intentions  ???

And so much more on
the Temple Mount...
the fraud by N.Bennett,

The 'government of change' has morphed Israel from right to left overnight
(just like America) and  now Israel is no longer cohesive.

Israel needs the Rivet of Jesus Christ to integrate the nation.

In Amir's parting words, 
he encourages all of Europe and America....that "where sin abounds, grace doth more abound".
Romans 5:20

The more that darkness abounds, the more we shed the Light of Jesus Christ...." Y E  are the light of the world."
Matthew 5:14

An update worth watching.