Angela (13 Jun 2021)
"Top Heart Doctor tells of a new Heart in Christ: Ezekiel 36:26"

John and Doves,

Dr. Sam Kojoglanian, M.D. is in the top 1% of Cardiologists.
In his testimony, he tells his life's story and his Born Again experience. 

What I like best about his story is how open he is about his feelings. One can easily identify with those feelings. Yet he is so real and honest about them.

As he glides through his speech, you begin to realize that he is saying things with a lot more depth than just conversation. 
He passes
along perceptions that 
are so filled with Scriptural understanding.
I needed to listen closely to get the full impact of what he was saying.

He has written a 2 Volume set on the Book of Revelation (and the Rapture, including end times. )

Each volume is 
$25.00 apiece and written to be easily understood.
Just go to "Store".

It's on his website at 
There is a "trailer" you can watch with video.
It's called
" Rev it up !  "

May you be blest.