Angela (13 Jun 2021)
"Gino, and Strangers"

Hi Gino,

You mentioned the aloofness that societies have for "xenos" (strangers, foreigners, aliens). And we all know that there is no rational excuse for the fear of others, simply because we do not know them. 

And just because some people label other people with names, that doesn't make it so. 

The church is the most xeno-friendly unit of society there is.
One must ignore foolish statements and ...
"from such turn away."
2 Timothy 3:5

"from such withdraw thyself"
1 Timothy 6:5

1,000 name-callers doesn't make it so.

I'd rather have the single approval of God.

I am fortunate to live in an apartment complex with
many nations represented.
We all respect one another because we treat one another as we would like to be treated. There are quite a few Christians here
who choose to live by the Royal Law (James 2:7)
"Thou shalt love (respect) Thy neighbor as thyself."

The famous Messianic singer and pianist Marty Goetz performed at a Calvary Chapel church here in California and opened his performance with his song "Sanctuary"....a nod to California's sanctuary- cities for migrants. Trump abhorred that kind of compassion.

Not everyone is a drug smuggler, or terrorist.
Some people are just plain poor: without food, homes, or jobs, through no fault of their own.

Jesus told us all, through the Book of Exodus, that we were all strangers once in a strange land. 

Marty also played the Classic Song from West Side Story, 
"There's a Place For Us." That song is felt in every heart of the Jew, and also every migrant, refugee and immigrant.

Our great grandparents, (all being immigrants) can testify to that feeling here in America, as you so well pointed out Gino in your post. 

If we really want to make America great again 
(M A G A ) let's return to the "Melting Pot" days of the folks who labored to make our nation great....not push them out and label them "smugglers"
and "terrorists".

Yes, the very, very few are drug smugglers and yes, some are terrorists, but we have *always* had tight laws to thoroughly sift them out. 911 was totally avoidable. We just need to put those laws into practice.

But when we turn a blind eye in order to gain some monetary advantage, we have corrupted the system to our disadvantage, and the destitute suffer. 

The helpless poor get turned away, and families get separated.
That does not M A G A.
That is what forces people to vote left.

The Bible spells out compassion very clearly in these verses about the stranger in our land:
Exodus 22:21   Ex.23:9;
Deuteronomy 10:19,
Deut. 14:21, Deut.23:7,
Deut. 24:17, Deut. 31:12,
Jeremiah 7:6, 
Zechariah 7:10.

One gets the feeling that this topic touches a strong cord in the heart of the Lord; there are so many references.

But the verse that should 
freeze ice in our veins is when the "goats" of Matthew 25:43 are told point blank that when Christ was in a stranger they smuggly, haughtily and arrogantly cast Him aside.

I wouldn't want to face that confrontation with Almighty God.
Nor would I want the consequence that those goats received. It's something to think about.

Thank you for your comment.

P.S. You mentioned that you have visited many countries. We all would be interested in your journeys.
Would you be willing to share them with us ?
We would be more than glad to hear about them. Thank you in advance.