F.M. Riley (2 June 2019)
"Right Division of The Revelation"

Right Division of
The Revelation
                                                                                       By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                       May 29, 2019
     "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth."
                                                                                            2 Timothy 2:15
     We are living today in a time when the great truths of God's Word are desperately needed to be known by the millions of people on the earth today, who are unbelievers lost in sin.   And also by many who  "profess" to be saved, but who display little of the "fruits" of the Spirit, or of salvation, Galatians 5:22.   Read John 15:16. Instead of "fruit," what do we see in the churches and the ranks of Christianity today?
     We see what is likely the most Scripturally illiterate generation of people who has ever lived on the earth.  Scriptural ignorance abounds!  I have even true believers tell me from time to time, that they need a "blessing" from God.  Well dear readers, a blessing from God is available to anyone willing to get serious about studying the Book of Revelation.  Some readers will probably think I am way "off base" in making such a statement.  Not hardly!  
      It was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who explicitly stated, "Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book," Revelation 22:7.  Do the readers want this blessing?
     Then STOP spending your time watching the "bawl" games, slop operas,  and other "trash" on television.  STOP being so concerned about the political situation in America.  STOP fretting about the wars going on around the world, and those which are coming.  STOP getting involved in every hare-brained movement to save this, preserve that, or uphold "our" constitutional rights.  STOP trying to "save the nation" [it's future is already determined, Psalm 9:17], and.....
      BEGIN seriously studying the one book in the entire Bible totally devoted to the Divinely Inspired prophecies of how this present day in human history is going to end, and what the future holds for mankind.
This book is called, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ." Then you can have the blessing the Lord promised in Rev. 22:7.   Do I hear an "Amen" from our readers?  
Studying the Revelation
     This entire inspired book is a vision given to John the beloved, the John who also wrote the inspired books of John and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John; five inspired books in the New Testament.  
     And here is a brief outline of the Book of Revelation.......
     Revelation One.....This first chapter gives the details of how John came to receive this vision from the Lord.
     Revelation Two & Three.....These two chapters contain the Lord's inspired prophecies of the Dispensation of Grace during the ministry of the Lord's churches.
     Revelation 4:1.....sets forth the rapture of John, a type of the rapture of all true New Testament believers saved during this present Dispensation of Grace. Notice that it occurs right at the end of the "church age," and right at the beginning of the seven year Tribulation Period.   
     Revelation chapters Four through Nineteen.....sets forth the prophecies of judgments and other events which will occur during the seven years of the Tribulation Period which following the rapture.  
     Revelation chapter Twenty.....sets forth the 1,000 year reign of Christ over mankind on the earth, followed by the brief loosing of Satan, and his being cast into the lake of fire, then the Great White Throne judgment of all of mankind who have refused to believe on, and love and serve God throughout human history, Rev. 20:15.  
     Revelation chapters 21 and 22.....These two chapters briefly describe a whole new "beginning" for God and for redeemed mankind, as the Lord God makes "all things new," 21:5.  
Comments about this Outline
     Those who carefully study Revelation, and take the Scriptures at face value for what they actually and literally say, have little problem understanding what the prophecies are saying.    
     However, some have problems with the order and sequence of the fulfillment of some of the prophecies.   Earnestly and sincerely pray and ask God for guidance, and He will resolve those problems for you.    
     Dear readers, I do not consider myself to be an authority on the Book of Revelation, however, I am well acquainted with this book, for I have read and studied it over a hundred times across the past 65 years I have been in the Lord's ministry.   My readers are always free to question anything I have to say, for I am certainly not infallible.   As long as I remain in this body of Adamic flesh, I will consider myself just another fallible human subject to mistakes and failures.  Is this stated clearly enough for even my critics?  
How Long is the Tribulation Period?  
     Now let's deal with the length of the Tribulation Period.
     There are some today who are rejecting a seven year Tribulation, claiming that the Tribulation will only be three and a half years.  Their major reason for doing so, is an almost completely WRONG division of Daniel 12.  Read the chapter for yourself.
     Folks, correct understanding does not come through aligning one part of God's Word against another part.  God's Word is a perfect harmony, and to pit Scripture against Scripture is a mark of Scriptural  immaturity, or outright ignorance.   No Scripture in God's Word conflicts or contradicts any other Scripture.  If any reader thinks otherwise, then they are displaying their own lack of spiritual growth.   
     Daniel 12 begins with the prophecy of Michael, the archangel, standing up, followed by the most terrible time of trouble in all of human history, and then prophesying that Daniel's people will be delivered during that time, Daniel 12:1.  See also Matthew 24:21-22.   
     Now in view of what is stated in this Scripture, some immediately assume that this Scripture is talking about the entire Tribulation period, and their assumption is dead WRONG.  
     By obediently following the inspired instructions set forth in Paul's epistles, and comparing "spiritual things with spiritual," 1 Cor. 2:12-13, it can easily be seen that this Scripture in Daniel 12:1 is introducing and speaking about the last half of the Tribulation period.  Oh yes it is!  Proof?  Gladly!
     Look at Revelation 12:7.  Michael and his angels stand up to defend the woman [Israel] from being destroyed by the dragon [Satan].  When?   Right at  the middle of the Tribulation period, just before the most terrible time in human history, as described in both Daniel 12:1 and Matthew 24:21-22.  Michael doesn't stand up at the beginning of the Tribulation.  Do you find any mention of him in Rev. 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11?  No!  But all these chapters are describing what is happening in the first half of the Tribulation.  So where is Michael?  He doesn't even come on the scene until the middle of the Tribulation.  Is this just too hard for some readers to grasp.  If so, stop depending on your own "human reasoning" and look to God's Holy Spirit for guidance, John 16:13.    
      The time period in Rev. 12:7 is the middle of the Tribulation when Israel flees into the wilderness, Rev. 12:6; 12:14, exactly as the Lord instructed them to do, Matthew 24:15-22.    Why does the woman flee into the wilderness?  Because she has SEEN the "abomination of desolation" standing in the courtyard of the rebuilt  Jewish temple, where the "beast" [anti-christ]  has erected his image, exactly as described in Rev. 13:14-15, and as prophesied in Daniel 12:11.   
     What then is being described in Daniel 12 is the last half of the Tribulation Period.  Now believe what Daniel 12:11 says, "And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up [mid-tribulation], there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days."  This is clearly talking about the last half of the Tribulation Period, possibly with the anti-christ entering the Jewish Temple and declaring himself to be God [2 Thess. 2:3-4]30 days prior to mid-Trib.   Then after declaring himself to be God, he  has his image erected at some point during the thirty day (30) period just before mid-Trib.  If so, it would then be 1,290 days from the time he declared himself to be God,  until the end of the Trib, exactly as stated in Daniel 12:11.
     I think the inspired Scriptures are very clear that the Tribulation is seven years, two periods of 1,260 days, 2,520 days total in length. It appears to me that the extra 30 days stated in Daniel 12:11, has to be fulfilled just before mid-Trib.   
     Dear readers, whether some want to believe it or not, there will be a seven year Tribulation period, two periods of 1,260 days to each period; a total of 2,520 days; seven years of 360 days to a year.  God's Word teaches it, and as far as I am concerned, that settles it!
     That's all for now.  May God graciously add His blessings to this study.  
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