Douglas Henney (23 June 2019)
"July 3/4/5 high watch time, part 1."

I am thinking that the day of July 4, or the early morning hours of July 5, "might" be when the rapture takes place.  The eclipse in South America on July 2 is a meaningful "mark in time" leading up to this.  It could happen as early as July 2nd, but I am thinking that July 2nd will be when we get a "day after tomorrow" heads-up like what Israel got at Mt. Sinai.

In these parts I want to try to explain, from my perspective: 

-that July 4/5 is the end point of the 70 years of the "end-of-the-church-age" Babylon, and will be the time of our "harpatzo".

-that this is also a few weeks before Israel's "70th year" ends on July 27/28.

-that this date (July 3/4) marks the 1st day of the 10th month on Noah's calendar (referencing the popular jewish calendar), when he saw the tops of the mountains and was glad, and which then begins, scripturally, a 40 day window of time that ends with the manefestation of the evil one's pseudo-messiah ("shadowed" by the raven Noah releases at the end the 40 days) the day after Tisha B Av this year, or August 11/12, and is when the age of the "new creations in Christ Jesus" is completely over.

-that July 4/5 is also the date of when God came down at Sinai referencing the Spica-Abib calendar, and thus, Noah's 40 days mentioned above is the same 40 days that Moses initially was on the mountain.  God is dovetailing the calendars by the beginning and ending of this 40 day window of time.  It is a time of transition from one age to another.  With this 40 day window of time, God will be fulfilling types/shadows on BOTH calendars.

-that the start of this same 40 day window will also be when Jesus Himself will fulfill the sign of Jonah to the people of Ninevah in this wicked and adulterous generation that He mentions in Luke, giving the earth a 40 day warning before the first seal of Revelation is opened.  These 40 days are the same as Noah's 40 and Moses' 40.

-that the same 40 day window will also be the 40 extra days Eve had to wait after Adam first went into the presence of God first, per Leviticus 12, and as described in chapter 3 of Jubilees.  At the end of her extra 40 days she then will be taken up just before this age closes.

-that there are meaningful signs in the sun, moon and stars pointing not only to July 2 and to the night of July 4/5, but also pointing to when Israel's "70 years" end and also to when the evil one's pseudo-messiah will finally begin to manefest on the world stage.

I will be just putting my thoughts on the table, so to speak, with the assumption that each person will look to the Holy Spirit as their true Teacher and Revealer.  If you do not agree with some/any of what I present, that is OK.  I think it touches Jesus' heart simply that we are watching for Him.

Jesus is worthy of our continual watching for Him.