TH (4 June 2017)


     I was watching a Vid. the other day that stunned me. It was beyond the pale.
I've heard of some pretty evil and despicable stuff in my time, even dealt with some
personally, but this thing words !  This was brought to the attention of the
"Net." by a blogger from N.J. who I listen to on occasion. Nam. Vet., B A Christian
(Net4TruthUSA) goes by "DAVID T."  He is a little "rough" but a True Patriot and a
HRC "hater".  He has a daily blog titled "Coffee with Dave" and he numbers them.
This was #92, where he told of the latest "trend" in fashion among the satan worship
people?  According to him, "they" are taking stored embryos/tiny fetuses (I'm not sure
if these belong to the person or they "buy" them), but a process known as "freeze
drying" - used in the mounting of animal "trophies" - is applied to these little human
bodies and then they are mounted on necklaces and proudly worn around their necks
to be admired by their ilk.  Let that sink in for a moment.....We are AT the BOTTOM !
These tinies had a Soul, which is now in Heaven on the FATHER'S Lap, waiting to meet
their "wearer".  I wanna be there for THAT re-union.  SEEK HIS VOICE while you still can. GOD is NOT going to let this sorta thing continue for very much longer.
                                               MARANATHA !

                                                      T H