Seeker (11 June 2017)
"Raiser of Taxes--- Daniel 11:20,21"


"In my beginning is my end" T.S. Eliot

When Mr. Trump took office, he knew it would be but for a short drama on the stage of life... that he already knew he would be the 'set-up' guy for another person, and the Media would exploit this drama to the max until the next guy arises.

Here is what Daniel 11:20,21 says:
"Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom. But within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle."

"And in his estate shall stand up a VILE person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom. But he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries."

It is this author's belief that Mr. Trump will be hindered from performing his Presidential duties (sequestered) while being under investigation into the Comey-Russian leak event.

How is Mr. Trump raising taxes ?
By Privatization ... or as Joan Veon (now deceased ) explained as "Public-Private-Partnership".

Mr. Trump will turn our Government Institutions (Prisons, Schools, Military etc. etc. to private Corporations to run as they will, without the checks-and-balances of Congress.
Fairness and equity will be eliminated as lawlessness predominates.

If one observes the total devastation of Venezuela's country, their dire unemployment, poverty and lack of goods and food
caused by Nationalization of industries, then one can foresee the future of the U.S. by Privatization.

Although those two concepts are at opposite ends of the economic pole, their bottom line is the same: destitution.
Please see:
Mr. David Strong is from Australia and uses "s" for our "z".
In that article, Mr. Strong states:

"Monopolisation and Nationalization are closely linked.
Monopolisation, in a sense, is a form of Nationalisation. This is so, regardless whether the State conducts the resulting monopoly, or permits private individuals to conduct it.

"Rights are a form of property. What has been nationalized, or taken away in such a case, is the former right of others to conduct a competing enterprise within the sphere of what has been monopolized."

Already Mr. Trump is selling off our infrastructure like a fire sale, and to foreigners taboot. While he was in Saudi Arabia he met with 50 Arab, Muslim leaders at the "Arab Islamic-American Summit" (AIAS). The media reported earlier that Mr. Trump offered US infrastructure to the Saudis. Was that the topic at the Summit ?

Note: Mr. Jimmy Carter was the key speaker at the "ISNA: Islamic Society of North America"  back in September of 2015.

As Privatization takes over, so will robots take over our jobs.
"The  night cometh when no man can work" John 9:4

The question remains:
WHO will arise after Mr. Trump ?