Seeker (11 June 2017)
"I'm not fooled"


"And if it were possible he would deceive the very elect"
Matthew 24:24

The Media would have us to believe that Donald Trump is an ineffectual leader. But I'm not fooled.
"While we're playing checkers, he's playing chess"
(quote from News with Views ).

The shadow government ( the Billionaires Club of the Elitist Cabal) has orchestrated a Media Ploy of making America look like a leader-less nation.

They not only portray us as weak, but also the European Nations are made to look weak by having inexperienced leaders.
Exception: Merkel of Germany; Nation which began WW1 and WW2 and home to the banking Dynasty of the Rothschilds ).

The weaker the U.S. looks in the eyes of the world, the easier it is for the EU to look effectual, especially when they get their strong Foreign Affairs leader ( their "High Representative " ; UMFA---Union Minister of Foreign Affairs).

As Shakespeare said : "All the world's a stage and each one has his part"

This is all drama and we are not to be deceived, but discerning by the Holy Spirit.