Ron Reese (25 June 2017)

I have been projecting an historic earth-changing event for several weeks to take place in July (probably between June 29th and July 11th).  I am convinced that we are now on the precipice of this monumental Noah Floodlike event.  Depending on the severity of this apocalyptic happening, it is possible that this could be my last form of communication (loss of internet?) with you.  Therefore, it is imperative that you understand exactly what this event that will change the course of history will mean. 
Because of the timing, and the magnitude of this earth-changing event, IT WILL CONFIRM THE ACCURACY OF THE 3 GREAT SEVENS OVERLAY PROJECTION.  I know of nobody else who is projecting an earth-changing event in early July of 2017.  I know of nobody else who believes the Final 7 Years began on 11/11/15.  Because this earth-shattering event is projected to happen during a 13-day period IN ADVANCE, you will have no other option than to believe that the rest of the projected dates, and Prophetic events, are also accurate, and will happen, just as projected.
I have described in great detail this 3 GREAT SEVENS OVERLAY PROJECTION in previous emails.  In brief, the 3 Great Sevens are the 7 Days of Creation, the 7000-year plan for mankind, and the Final 7 Years.  This system uses typology to the max. It is based on overlaying the Final 7 Years over the other two Great Sevens, to project when certain Prophetic events should take place.  It is fascinating.  It is deep.  It is profound. It was discovered by Bob Schlenker, of .  However, these are my projections, and cannot be found on his website, as Bob does not believe in my 2015-2022 timeline.
These projections are only accurate if one KNOWS the starting date of the Final 7 Years.  Because my early July projection is based solely on this Overlay Projection, and on 11/11/15 as the starting date of the Final 7 Years, when this earth-changing event transpires with great accuracy (July 11th? June 29th?), YOU WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE THAN TO BELIEVE THE OTHER DATES PROJECTED BY THIS SAME SYSTEM THAT IS ABOUT TO ACCURATELY PROJECT THIS EARLY JULY EARTH-SHAKING EVENT.
Almost everyone reading this does NOT currently believe that 11/11/15 started the Final 7 Years.  That is about to change, as this early July projection is base solely on 11/11/15 as the starting date.  So, here are the dates that we MUST all accept when this cataclysmic event takes place in early July:
1.  The Final 7 Years began on 11/11/15.  Most of you refuse to believe that we could actually be one and one-half years into the Final 7 Years right now.  After all, there are so many pre-conceived events in your minds that have to happen before we could be at this point in the end-times.  Seemingly, none of those events have happened yet.  That is all about to change.  If we overlay The Final 7 Years over the 7000-year plan for mankind, we discover that nothing of great significance (just like today) happened UNTIL THE GREAT FLOOD IN NOAH'S TIME.  By overlaying the Year of the Great Flood, of 1656 FA (from Adam) over the Final 7 Years, and counting from 11/11/15, by adding 1.656 Years, we arrive at June 29, 2017.  For reasons outlined in my previous posts, we possibly can extend this date by at least a couple of weeks, and still be incredibly accurate.  July 11, 2017, is my first choice to be the date of this Noah Floodlike earth-changing event.  My 2nd choice is June 29th.
2.  All we have to do is add 2520 days, or 7 Jewish years of 360 days each, to 11/11/15,  to discover that the ending date of the Final 7 Years will be Oct. 5, 2022, Day of Atonement, the very day of the year that Jesus is supposed to Return at His Second Coming.
3.  The first day of the 1260-day Great Tribulation projects, using this same Overlay Projection system, to be April 11, 2018.  The amazing and miraculous crossing of Comets Hale-Bopp and Hyatuke, on the very same day of the year, in the consecutive years of 1991 and 1992, ON APRIL 11TH, at the EXACT same co-ordinates in the sky, CONFIRMS THE DATE OF APRIL 11, 2018.  This unbelievable sign in the Heavens took place in the constellation representing the Antichrist, and the nearest star was Al-Gol, also representing the Antichrist.  It appears that God was astoundingly giving us the day of the year when the 1260-day reign of the Antichrist would begin. We never knew the year, UNTIL NOW!  APRIL 11, 2018!
4.  In this Overlay Projection system, using the 3 Great Sevens, the event that correlates with the Rapture/Sudden Destruction is God's chosen people, led by Moses (a type of Christ), crossing out of Egypt (a type of the world), into a brand new world for them.  This typifies the Rapture, when the Bride of Christ (God's chosen people) will leave this world, and enter into our brand new world of Heaven.  The Sudden Destruction, that is simultaneous with the Rapture, is typified by the Sudden Destruction of the massive Egyptian army.  In both events, you have a miraculous Great Escape.  In both events, you have a massive Sudden Destruction event.  In both accounts, the events are simultaneous.  This historic event took place in the Year 2448 From Adam.  Adding 2.448 years to 11/11/15, the starting date for the Final 7 Years, and we arrive at approximately Apr. 6, 2018, for the date of our long-awaited Rapture of the Bride of Christ.
As with everything else in this timeline, it is the absolute perfect fit, as the Firstfruits Rapture is the 7th Day of Passover, also known as the Feast of Firstfruits.  The Firstfruits Rapture on the Feast of Firstfruits!  What an amazing God we serve!  What a God of absolute precision
and accuracy!
5.  If Apr. 11, 2018, is the first day of the 1260-day Great Tribulation, and reign of the Antichrist (Barack Hussein Obama), then the Final Day will be Sept. 21, 2021, the 1st Day of Feast of Tabernacles, when Jesus should begin tabernacling with His people.  Once again, we have the absolute perfect fit.
6.  The 3 Great Sevens Overlay Projection shows us that the 7th and Final Year of the Final 7 Years will be set aside for the Wrath of God.  The first time that God poured out His Wrath upon the world, in the Great Flood of Noah's time, also lasted precisely one year.  This Overlay system projects another one-year period for the Wrath of God, which will then end the Final 7 Years in the Fall of 2022.  Is it not amazing the way that God's perfect typology, the 3 Great Sevens Overlay Projection, fits perfectly and incredibly right to the day?  What a God of Order!  What a God of numerical precision!  God's AMAZING typology, and chronology of end-times Prophetic events, is there for all to study and understand! 
7.  This next projection, is one that I believe to be correct, but I do not have COMPLETE confidence in, as I have not yet tried to fit it onto this Overly Projection.  I am expecting the Battle of Gog and Magog (World War 3), in Ezekiel 38 and 39, to probably take place on Hanukkah Eve, Dec. 12, 2017, per Haggai, Chapter 2.  How fascinating that this date is EXACTLY 120 days from April 11, 2018, the projected start date of the 42-month Great Tribulation!  The number 120 means a divine period of probation, as the world awaits their divinely appointed Great Tribulation.  Another perfect fit!
8.  This last projection I also have not tried to fit onto this Overlay Projection system.  I fully expect the Firstfruits Rapture (1st Thess. 4:16-18 and Luke 21: 34-36) to take place on Apr. 6, 2018, Feast of Firstfruits.  If this is the Firstfruits, or First, Rapture, then there has to be at least a 2nd Rapture.  Yes, I strongly believe that the Word of God teaches a split Rapture (Luke 21:36).  There are three harvests taught in the New Testament.  They are the barley, wheat, and grape harvests.  One harvest MAY have already taken place, with the wheat harvest, when Jesus and the O.T. saints were Raptured to Heaven.  The Rapture of the Bride of Christ should take place in at least two (possibly 3) different Raptures.  The barley harvest, or early Spring harvest, should be represented by the April 6, 2018, Rapture, on Feast of Firstfruits.
It is my projection that we should expect the Grape harvest Rapture to be the pre-Wrath Rapture, probably on Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 7, 2021, just before the one-year Wrath of God commences.  I believe the description of this Final Rapture is found in Revelation 7.  Rev. 7:14 says, "These are THOSE WHO CAME OUT OF GREAT TRIBULATION, AND HAVE WASHED THEIR ROBES, AND MADE THEM WHITE IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.  Verse 9 describes those who finally make their appearance in Heaven as a vast multitude, which no man could number.  This is the result of the Great Tribulation revival that you do NOT want to be a part of, unless you miss the 1st Rapture. Jesus promises us an ESCAPE FROM ALL OF THESE THINGS (the Great Tribulation) in Luke 21:36.
It is extremely important that we fully comprehend what this earth-shaking event in July is NOT.  It is NOT:
1.  The starting date for the Tribulation, the Final 7 Years, or the 1260-day Great Tribulation.
2.  It is NOT a Warning event for the widely-held belief of a Rapture in September of this year.  I am very concerned that this is what this cataclysmic event will turn out to be for most Christians, especially those into Bible Prophecy.
3.  It will NOT be a 7-Day Warning, nor a 40-day Warning, nor a 120-day Warning, before the Rapture, or before the Final 7 Years, or before the 1260-day Great Tribulation.
4.  It will NOT be the Sudden Destruction event of 1st Thess. 5.  I believe that will take place around Apr. 6, 2018, and will bea nuclear destruction, and accompanied by the Rapture.
In conclusion, this earth-changing Noah Floodlike event, which I fully expect to transpire in less than one month from the writing of this post, will mean that the times of the first 6 events will come to pass, just as projected, on the dates projected.  The other two dates and events are also likely to happen on the dates projected.
For those of you who believe something this devastating will not take place before the Rapture, I would like to remind you that Jesus said that we would see the BEGINNING of the cataclysmic events BEFORE the Rapture.  In Luke 21:28, Jesus WARNS us, "And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, THEN look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near."
1st Thess. 5:3 says, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety, then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION comes upon them, AS TRAVAIL UPON A WOMAN WITH CHILD, and they shall not ESCAPE."  Here we have the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION AND RAPTURE (ESCAPE) event compared to a woman experiencing labor pains.  A woman cannot experience labor pains, and the birth of her baby, until after the CONCEPTION event has taken place.  Likewise, the world cannot experience the Rapture/Sudden Destruction event, or the Great Tribulation, until a CONCEPTION event has taken place.
The length of the human birth cycle is nine months long.  It is certainly NO coincidence that from early July, 2017, until early April, 2018, is nine months.  So, early July of 2017 is the time frame projected by the 3 GREAT SEVENS OVERLAY system, and also the projected time for the CONCEPTION event of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction and the Great Tribulation, which should be birthed in early April of 2018.  WOW!  What an awesome double confirmation of the same earth-changing event, that our mighty and merciful God has given to us, for this Noah Floodlike event.  THIS EARTH-CHANGING EVENT WILL BE OUR 9-MONTH WARNING!  We serve a God of precision.  We serve a numerical God.  We serve a God of order.  This 3 Great Sevens Overlay Projection system takes typology to the max.  It has been there for all to discover and for all to study.  What a totally awesome and amazing God we serve!  
PLEASE do NOT take your position in the Firstfruits Rapture for granted.  It is far from that.  The majority of born-again Christians (a vast multitude that no man could number) will be caught with dirty robes, with sin in their lives, and will be thrust into the Great Tribulation, to make their robes white.  Jesus has provided a way of ESCAPE, through this first Rapture, for those whom He finds worthy.  It will take faithfulness, fulfilling your calling, obedience, a close relationship with Jesus, prayer, and holiness.  Jesus warns us to not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by His Word.  We each must separate ourselves from this world.  You can do that NOW, or do that in the Great Tribulation.  The choice is yours.
The most important three verses in the Word for Christians in these VERY LAST DAYS are found in Luke 21:34-36.  JESUS WARNS US, "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (partying), and drunkenness, and CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so THAT DAY come upon you unawares (unexpectedly).  For as a snare (trap) shall it come on all them who dwell on the face of the whole earth.  WATCH you, therefore, and pray always, that YOU MAY BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE (THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE) ALL THESE THINGS that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus)."
After this catastrophic, earth-changing event takes place in a few more days, your unsaved, and backslidden, non-watching, compromising, worldly, and lukewarm family and friends may be much more open to this WARNING message.  Make copies of this post, or forward it to them NOW, as eternal destinies are NOW at stake.
Ron Reese