Neil Lipken (25 June 2017)
"I had a short, very vivid dream last night-----I thought my prophecy friends would like to know about this."

Last night I had a short, very vivid dream.   I was outside and a lot of people were there running around in panic.   I looked up and I saw a single plane.   Then the "bomb doors" on the bottom of the plane opened.   Just a few seconds later I saw a blinding flash, and I knew that in moments I would be dead.   It was a nuclear blast.   I then immediately woke up.   The dream was extremely vivid.

I believe the Lord was showing me the "sudden destruction" event that is associated with the Rapture.   I hope all of you are familiar with the 90 year old woman from Norway who had a powerful vision of these End Times back in 1968.   She saw WW III (we would call it the "sudden destruction event") at the time of the Rapture.   It was a short war, but nuclear weapons were used.


P.S.   If you are not familiar with that 1968 vision, it is very much worth reading!   Just "google" 90 year old woman from Norway and her 1968 vision.   It should come up to read.   It is definitely the most powerful and accurate vision that I have ever seen.   I have been aware of it since the late 90's, and have read it to all of my prophecy classes through the years.