Luis Vega (25 June 2017)
"FEASTS OF TRUMPETS 2017 - The Revelation 12 Sign"


A Timeline to the Countdown


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustrations in Charts section

‘I hope you will bear with a little of my foolishness, but you are already doing that. I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. For I promised you to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. I am afraid, however, that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may be led astray from your simple and pure devotion to Christ.’
-1 Corinthians 11:1-3

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the countdown to the Revelation 12 Sign in the constellation Virgo on September 23, 2017 with a timeline. What this study mainly seeks to establish is that the Virgo Sign occurs well after the Rabbinical Calendar counting of when the Feast of Trumpets occurs, on September 20 at sunset Wednesday and lasts until Friday sunset which is the start of the Sabbath. Also illustrated will be the start of the Feast of Trumpets based on the Creation Calendar beginning on the sunset of September 21, a Thursday and concludes at the end of the Sabbath on the 23rd. The timeline will be very detailed down to the hour to show the various day start times and end times down to the minute. Based on the 2nd calendar counts of the Rabbinical and Creations Calendar, the Virgo Sign occurs after these 2-day reckoning of times.

However what is unique in relation to the Virgo Sign and the Creation Calendar is that the Sign reaches its maximum or apex that very sunset on the 23rd of September as if to synchronize in a way. The entire Virgo Sign will not last more than an approximate length of 11 hours as that is how long it will take the Moon to move from ‘beneath the feet of Virgo’ to the constellation of Libra. The 11 hour period is really a diminishing of the Sign as it is the Moon, in this case that determines the ’Sign’ because it is the fastest moving heavenly body in relation to all the other ones, that make up the ‘Sign’. These heavenly bodies are Jupiter, the Sun, and the planets of Mercury, Mars and Venus. The actual timing of the precise Virgo Sign that appears to approximate the Revelation 12 depiction of what was revealed to the Apostle John will not last more than an hour due to the speed of the Moon.

Thus it would be accurate to state that the Great Sign of Virgo does not take place on the Feasts of Trumpets as most allude to. Also, the Sign itself occurs not in the Jewish year of 5777 but 3 days after the Rabbinical Calendar count and on the 2nd day based on the Creation Calendar in the year 5778. As to the New Moon, the traditional sighting of the Sliver of the Moon can first be ascertained as the Virgo constellation comes over the ridge of the Mount of Olives in the morning. This will occur on the morning of Thursday, 6:26 AM on September 21, 2017. This will be the first opportunity to have the Sliver of the Moon be sighted and confirmed. This is despite that fact that the Rabbinical Calendar will not ‘wait’ for the sighting of the Sliver of the Moon. 

However the Creation Calendar does coincide with the sighting of the Sliver of the Moon on the 21st of September. It is from that sunset at 6:37 PM that the 2-day count is calculated and timed. Coincidentally, it ends precisely on the eve or sunset of the 23rd of September at 6:34 PM that has the Virgo Sign dovetail it subsequently. Other astronomical occurrences to be considered is that the Fall Equinox occurs on the 22nd of September at 11:01 PM local time in Jerusalem. This time-marker is in approximate phi ratio of time from the beginning of the Creation Calendar Feast of Trumpets to the sunset and Virgo Sign on the 23rd of September at sunset. Another unique astronomical observation has to do with the Moon itself. From the time the Moon enters the constellation of Virgo in the ‘head’ region just a few hours before sunset on the 19th of September, to the time it leaves the ‘feet’ region of Virgo is approximately 5 days. This time, when converted to hours is 120 hours.


Thus it will be at the 120th hours when the Creation Calendar Feast of Trumpets ends and the Great Sign of Virgo begins. This 120 numerical coefficient has perhaps prophetic implication as well as it echoes the 120th Jubilee since Genesis by some calculations. The other astronomical observation has to do with how the Jews will see the Sliver of the Moon on the 21st of September. As it has been mentioned, the first sighting of the Sliver of the Moon will occur at sunrise just over the Mount of Olives. Thereafter at sunset that same day, the Virgo constellation will be setting in the west overlooking the Temple Mount. What will be rather amazing is that as the Moon sets, the Silver Sliver of the Moon will be seen at approximately 9:30PM, if there is no fog or cloud cover. What will be spectacular during this Moonset is that this Yom Teruah New Moon will be dead-center in the ‘Womb of Virgo’.

Not only that but having the Sun set will reveal also the planet Jupiter that has been ‘birthed’ 11 days out from the 9th of September. What is significant about this date of the astronomical ‘birthing’ of Jupiter is that it coincides with the planetary conjunction of Mercury with Regulus in Lego. Also at the setting of Virgo towards her feet will be the ‘Jubilee Comet’, 67p. This comet was last present during the 6-Day War that saw Jerusalem liberated from the Muslims 50 years from 2017. This prophetic restitution for ‘Jacob’ or Israel in 1967 had not occurred since 70 AD. Coincidentally the year 5778 will see the 70th year anniversary of Israel being ‘born’ as a nation, exactly 1948 years from 70 AD.

As the Virgo Sign approaches and many are trying to ‘figure it out’, it still will remain somewhat of a mystery especially when considering the Rapture phraseology associated with it. Most would agree that it prophetically signals the mid-Tribulation benchmark, however it is signaling it at least astronomically before the 7-year Tribulation begins. Most would agree that the main interpretation of the Virgo Sign is a foreshadowing and warning to Israel as it is based on the interpretation of the Exodus pattern. It is Israel that flees to the desert, not the Church. Israel ‘fled’ during the Exodus journey and was projected as she will be for the 2nd-half of the Tribulation, or the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The Exodus prophetic pattern involves the Pharaoh, a type of the coming AntiChrist that will seek to pursue Israel into the desert. Like the prophetic pattern, the Red Sea was a ‘sign’ and a deliverance for Israel.

As it was the case that the same event that led to Israel’s deliverance will be used to destroy the Enemy as the Egyptians all drowned in the case of the Exodus. The literal fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign will involve the same typology prophetically as the end will be like the beginning for Israel. Thus this study strongly suggests that the Virgo Sign is more pertinent, contextually in this case to be depicting Israel and not the Church. Although many are suspecting that this Sign will have something or all to do with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that will remain to be seen. Many are ascribing a 1260 day count that pegs the Revelation Virgo Sign as being the Rapture event and is calculated to other Feasts Days in the future. However this 1260 is found in numerous counts between YHVH’S Feasts.

It is Israel that ‘birthed’ the Messiah, Jesus Christ and not the ‘Church’. Israel is more appropriate to have a ‘pregnancy’ element in reference to the ‘Sign’.
Israel will ‘flee’ to the wilderness as in Exodus because as the 40 years of unbelief occurred, currently Israel is being brought back sequentially in the state of unbelief. Thus Israel, not the Church Body of Christ will also have to have a time of testing, in this case 1260 days. The need for the 70th Week of Years will be to try Israel in the fires of the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble’, not the Bride of Christ’s. As Chuck Missler rightly pointed out in one of his teachings, in this case if the Virgo Sign is ‘representing the Bride of Christ, why is she pregnant? The Apostle Paul teaches with such ‘birthing’ analogies that it is not the Church Body that is ‘gestating’ or needs to be ‘born’ but in actuality, if one does a word study and studies the passage is that it is ‘Christ’ that is to be ‘birthed’ in a Believer.


Paul was striven to present Christ full matured as in a gestation typology within a Believer, a ‘chased virgin’, not a pregnant one. One does realize that the Church Age is liked to a woman in labor pains about to give ‘birth’. However, if the ManChild is the Corporate Believers but then the Woman is the ‘Church’, then why does the Virgin or Church then stay in the ‘world’? Why would the Bride of Christ that ‘has made herself ready’ have to flee into the ‘wilderness’ on Earth for the 2nd part of the Tribulation for 1260 days? Would not she as a type of the ‘Bride of Christ’ be the one to be raptured? Also if one is holding to the astronomical significance and correspondence of the Sign to celestial bodies, then the Sign demands that the Great Red Dragon correlate to a heavenly body.


It is the 2nd half of the Virgo Sign that should have a corresponding celestial body or bodies of some sort in this case also. As to the astronomical correlation of what the Giant Red Dragon with 7 heads will be, many believe that the effects of the Seal Judgments of Jesus Christ will incorporate the Giant Red Dwarf with 7 planets that many believe will be the 2nd Sun Nemesis star system. This system is what many believe will include Nibiru and will cause the cataclysmic effects on Earth due to its flyby. What is to account astronomically for the Red Dragon with 7 heads before the Manchild is taken up? The issue is that the Red Dragon sweeps his tail and casts the 1/3 of the Stars (Angels) to Earth before the Virgin gives ‘birth’. Are these the .33 Fallen Angels that conspired with Lucifer in Eternity Past? This is clearly what is to occur during the mid-Tribulation.

It is at that time after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that Lucifer is cast out of Heaven with his cohorts and the Bride of Christ assumes their Heavenly Thrones and Dominions. Ironically, Lucifer sought to usurp the Dominion of Adam and of the Earth but in the end, it is the 2nd Adam, Jesus that took Dominion away from Lucifer and over Adam’s fallen race and the Earth. The following are some of the hour counts based on the specific celestial occurrence related to the astronomical acquisition of the Revelation 12 Great Sign of Virgo.


Sliver of Moon/New Moon
@Sunrise—Jerusalem over Mount of Olives
Sep 21, 2017—Thursday Morning

6:26 AM

Over Temple Mount on Sep 21, 2017—Thursday

6:37 PM
Moonset - 9:30 PM

‘Birthed’ out of ‘womb’ Sep 9, 2017—Thursday
11:58 PM (local time)
1:00 PM transit time of 1 hour 6 minutes

Or 66 minutes
It is 11 days out on 21st of Sep
Conjunction of Regulus with Mercury


Feast of Trumpets– Begins
Sunset—Jerusalem on Sep 20, 2017—Wednesday, 6:38 PM


Feast of Trumpets—END
Sunset—Jerusalem on Sep 22, 2017—Friday, 6:35 PM


Feast of Trumpets
Sunset—Jerusalem on Sep 21, 2017—Thursday, 6:37 PM


Fall Equinox
1 hour before Midnight—Jerusalem on Sep 22, 2017—Friday

At 11:02 PM (local time)


Revelation 12
Sunset—Jerusalem on Sep 23, 2017—Saturday, 6:34 PM
End of Sabbath ~11 hour duration based on Moon speed


The Virgo Sign alignment peaks at end of the Feast of Trumpets
Based on the Creation Calendar on Sep 23, 2017 at sunset, Jerusalem, 6:34 PM

Sign diminished thereafter until it reaches Libra in 11 hours.

Moreover, not only will this be the case but the 2nd Adam took over Lucifer’s Heavenly Domain and authority over this ‘race’ of Fallen Angels. This occurs after the ‘Court in Session’ concludes per Daniel as the accused Bride of Christ is vindicated – in Heaven. She will thereafter take the vacated Thrones, Principalities, and Powers as Lucifer and his minions are expelled from Heaven. From that point on, Lucifer will never have any administrative and/or judicial right or access to ‘accuse the Brethren’ anymore before the Judicial Court of Heaven. In fact it is the Bride of Christ seated in court as witnessed by John and described by the prophet Daniel that will witness the breaking of the Seal Judgments. In a prophetic sense, it was Daniel and John as ‘2 Witnesses’ to the whole comprehensive Wrath of the Lamb that is to come upon the world in the ‘Hour of Trial’ that is to befall Humanity, Lucifer and Israel.

One thing is for sure, Lucifer and his .33 Fallen Angels that joined the Angelic Rebellion will not vacate their Thrones nor their Dominion without a fight. This will be the Celestial War as Lucifer will be physically cast down to the Earth at the time of the midway point of the Tribulation that Revelation 12 is all about. This Angelic Contest will synchronize with the literal fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign as Lucifer seeks vengeance upon Israel on Earth as she ‘stayed’ back and fled to the ‘wilderness. Take note that at this point, the Bride of Christ is in Heaven. Others are nonetheless anticipating that the start of the Tribulation period will be on the 23rd to coincide with the Virgo Sign. However, many erroneously assume that it is the Rapture event that kicks-off the start of the Tribulation period; it is not.

What starts the last Sabbatical Cycle of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’. Others believe that the Manchild is the Bride of Christ that will be raptured on the 23rd. This is based on a new teaching that states that the Church Body is to be ‘born again’ at this time. However, it is in chapter 4 of the book of Revelation that the typology of the Rapture is depicted metaphorically through the ‘calling-up’ of the Apostle John as the type of the ‘Beloved Bride’. Nonetheless, in the short time that will lead-up to the Sign, there then has to occur some amazing outcomes to fulfill prophecy in an unrealistic short period of time. For one, the 3rd World War has to ensue so that the AntiChrist can be revealed and ‘Confirm the Covenant’ of ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel that the false Messiah will promise.

By some End Time scenarios, there has to be the 3rd Temple constructed for the AntiChrist that Israel will accept as their Messiah to sanction the Daily Sacrifices, etc. This will be the physical Temple one as Israel stays behind and is led away on Earth. The Spiritual Temple, which is the Bride of Christ once finished is to be removed or is ‘snatched-up away from any harm. The False Prophet also has to come on the scene and promote the New World Order religion of the AntiChrist to fill the vacuum of the seemingly collapse of Christianity for one. Prophetically there also has to be the anointing and sealing of the 144k Jewish from the 12 tribes of Israel. These are the core Evangelists that will take the ‘mantle of Elijah’ sort of speak and be the ‘Testimony to Jesus’ in the world that has witnessed the removal of the corporate Body of Christ. So as one can ascertain, the ‘Great Sign’ of the 23rd of September is just that, a sign of what is to come.



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