Louis A. Romo (25 June 2017)
"TO PASTOR RILEY Your june 15 bible study "thoughts 2""

Greetings in name of Our Lord Jesus, coming sooner than we think!.

I agree with you Pastor Riley that Rapture will probably not occur on September  23, 2017 as expected by many because of the great sign in heavens at that time.

I agree with reasons you gave that signs given would have to happen around the middle of Tribulation.  I listened to the videos and at first glance appear convincing and gets one excited that Jesus would come Sept. 23.

I am inclined to dismiss September 23rd as rapture date simply because of two things...first if every Christian is expecting the rapture then, you can be assured intelligence agencies world over  would also be expecting it and military forces would be positioned for massive pandemonium(( and martial law)) which would undoubtedly include countless suicides. It would no longer be a surprise event catching mankind sleeping since whole world would be on alert..I feel it would turn out to be like the y2k computer scare.

Second reason I put that date aside is that I feel the war of psalm 83 has to happen prior to rapture, including destruction of Damascus.  Time would be needed at end of that war to conclude a peace treaty acceptable to whoever guarantees/confirms the peace - - - ole lucie's antichrist. I do not think there is enough time between now and Sept 23rd for Psalm 83 and subsequent required events needed to occur .

I like the 48 page study entitled "In The Midst of" by Miriam Howard. She says the LAST HALF of Daniel's 70th week begins in Spring of 2018/5778.  She feels tribulation must start on The Feast of First Fruits.

I believe she is correct as far as tribulation starting during Passover 2018 when the Anti-Christ Confirms the peace deal.  - - Since antichrist is revealed when he confirms the "deal" we would have to be gone before Passover.  I have not seen anything saying the Tribulations starts immediately following rapture.  I think the Rapture can occur anytime now, even with Spring ending and Summer beginning! - -allowing plenty of time for Psalm 83....ALSO- - -Just as Jesus went into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, 10th of Nissan, I have always felt Lucifer's boy would do same thing and be accepted on Nissan 14! -perfect timing from 14-17th Nissan to confirm the deal of centuries!!

There is a  Ezra (Jeff) Meiliken who wrote IN 2007 a E- book entitled the DIVINE CALENDAR. He gives countless mathematical computations, easily understood,  "Proving messiah comes in 2018" - - -Sadly, after reading his book, I feel the countless clues he found pointing to 2018 are actually warnings of the Anti-Christ's arrival and in the end will mislead countless people to perdition and hailing and acclaiming final arrival of the man who performed miracle of bringing peace after the Psalm 83 war..

There were plenty of signs heralding arrival of Messiah Jesus Christ which our Jewish Brethren  failed to see, therefore, all the signs the religious Jews see as coming of their messiah are can be interpreted two fold: Our Lord Jesus coming for us in rapture and warning to Jews Anti-Christ is coming.

I feel rapture may still occur before September 23rd for various reasons  - - - (1)President Trump is in danger of being overthrown anytime by those powerful Republican and Democrats that sincerely believe in a one-world government.
---(2) Bankers can collapse economy anytime now
(3) north Korea can strike anytime now and Trump can be suckered into WWIII in Ukraine against Russia.
(4) We still have the 4th of July coming up which in 1776 was the 17th day of Tammuz and all it implies can bring destruction  - -  same as the 9th of Av  coming up - -God can use those dates against a now godless, post-christian nation,including, for sure a post-christian, now pagan European society.

God Bless all of you
Sincerely, Louis Romo, Stockton, Ca