JW (25 June 2017)
"Doubting God's instruction"

Doubting God's instruction :

1 Kings 13:6-25

In 1 Kings 13, we read about a man of God who received God's instruction on his path ahead.  God told him to go a certain road, and not to eat bread or water.  He was first tested by the king, who asked the man of God to come to his palace to eat bread and he will give him a gift. The man of God refused and went on the road which was instructed by God.

As he was on the road, an old prophet met him and asked him to come back to his house for bread and water.  The man of God refused once more declining the offer, stating that God told him he had to go on a particular path, and was not to eat bread or water.  The old prophet lied to him and said "God told me through an angel that you are to come back to my house, and eat bread and drink water".  The man of God turned around and obeyed the old prophet and went to his house and ate bread and water, he was taken in by deception, lies and feelings.  Whilst in his house eating the meal, the old prophet said to the man of God "You have disobeyed the Lord and His word and you will die".  The man of God departed from his house, and was devoured by a lion on his path upon departure.

The moral of this story in the Bible is that God gave instructions to the man of God, and the man of God was tested, he then met someone who claimed God spoke to them and told him to go on another path, away from God's original path.  He doubted what God told him and was led down a wrong path.  In our situation, God always speaks the truth to us from His word.   The Bible says that God's word is a light unto our path.  God will always offer His promises to us through His word, He will always offer His direction to us through His word. He will never lie. When God tells us of His direction and what He wants from us, He may test us like the man of God was, to see if we will listen to others, or listen to Him.  Others may say "God told me this and you should do this" or "I believe God wants you to do this, and you should follow this path".  If God never told you directly from His word, and you are following on a path which others have directed you onto, chances are, just like the man of God, you have been deceived and lied to by another spirit.  God may tell you directly from His word, or grab your attention somehow to speak to you concerning a promise made to you, or direction given to you, and then test you to see if you were willing to obey Him or obey a friend who has directed you onto another path, contrary to the path God wants from you.

Has God directed your path by His word? Or are we like the man of God, who doubted what God told him, listened to another person, took their advice and followed their direction instead.  Other people can deceive you by giving you false direction.  Other people may pray along with you and say "They feel this is what God wants".  Again...did it come from God's word?

Disobedience from God can be a costly thing.  That's why we are commanded to OBEY His voice and His word. And to stop doubting what God has told us.

Obedience results in blessings, disobedience results in chastisement.  It is better to put your trust in God's word, rather than listening to others who will direct you away from God's path.


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