Jeff Brown (18 June 2017)
"NASA Blocks Revelation 12:1-2 Virgo Constellation on Google Sky Why? We know why."

From SecureTeam10 

 WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? 6/8/17

Indeed, WHY Is NASA Hiding This Area Of Space? 

Check out this YouTube video from one of the leading UFO sites: SecureTeam10. In an obvious strike against Christians who understand the meaning of Revelation 12, relative to September 23, 2017.  On that date the sun will be in Virgo, and the moon will be near her feet, Jupiter will be in Virgo, and Venus, Mars, and Mercury will be above and to the right of Virgo, in Leo, this will happen only once in 7,000 years.  Revelation 12:1-2.

NASA's SkyView Website (the Internet's virtual telescope) has, inexplicably, begun pasting a large, black blot over an area of Google Sky: coordinates: 13 48 1.0 -8 28 20.5.  

Multiple sky maps show it in Infrared, not visible spectrum, and NASA obviously doesn't want Christians to see it.    

Jeff Blondeau