Jean Stepnoski (25 June 2017)
"Solar Eclipse Bookends Over The USA: 2017 & 2024"

   As earlier noted, there will be a total Solar Eclipse over the USA on 8-21-2017. The Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, that eclipse path will go from West to East, NW to SE. It will pass over the Heartland, over the New Madrid Fault. For some on the East Coast, the sun will be dark at sunrise. There shall be Signs in the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. David Meade provides many details concerning the Solar Eclipse Bookends over the USA at in his article "2017 Eclipse A Harbinger of Evil" written 6-9-2017.
   The second Solar Eclipse Bookend on 4-8-2024 will be in the opposite direction, from East to West, from NE to SW. He notes where the 2 eclipse paths cross. The Heartland. Southern Illinois will be the location, in an area called "Egypt" or "Little Egypt" situated midway on the New Madrid Fault. This is basically on the Mississippi River Corridor, which extends from New Orleans, Louisiana all the way up to Minnesota and Wisconsin. If this New Madrid Fault gives way, the USA will be divided, split in half, either West or East of the Mississippi River.
   The timing of the earlier Solar Eclipse on 8-21-2017 will be 3 days before the Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) beginning Month 6 of Elul at sunset on 8-23-2017. These dates will be 43 days then 40 days (Sign of Jonah at Ninevah) to Yom Kippur. Each year, these 40 days are a vital time of Teshuvah (Repentance). Av 30, last day of Month 5, our 8-22 to 23, is the Moses Anniversary of his ascending Mt. Sinai for the 3rd time with the 2 replacement stone tablets for the 10 Commandments (Wedding Vows) to be rewritten on them by divine hand as the Kettubah (the written copy). What else about 8-22 to 23? This will be Gaza Anniversary 12 of the essentially completed evacuations and expulsions from the Gaza and West Bank communities in 2005. On this date, the tropical depression named "Katrina" began to form. The Gaza Anniversary is important, like a beginning of sorrows.
   Please remember that THE SUN WILL BE DARK WHEN IT RISES and THE MOON WILL NOT SHED ITS LIGHT for some on the East Coast at dawn on 8-21-2017. The Eastern Seaboard is symbolic of Federal Government at Washington DC and National Economy at Wall Street at New York, New York. Since the expulsions from the Gaza and many other attempts to divide the land, expel the people, and divide Jerusalem there have been weather related horrors for 12 years in the USA. What next? Tumult in the heavens? David Meade quotes from Isaiah 13: 9-10.
"Listen carefully, the day of the Lord is coming,
 Cruel, with wrath and raging anger,
To make the land a horror:
 And He shall exterminate its sinners from it.
For the stars of heaven and their constellations will not flash them with their light:
The Sun will be dark when it rises,
And the Moon will not shed its light."
David Meade believes this is the exact eclipse that will take place prior to the actual Day of the Lord in fall of 2017. When? The Feast of Trumpets on 9-21 to 22-2017? With the Sign of the Son of Man over Jerusalem on 9-23-2017? When Planet X passes Earth around 10-4-2017? How important might 8-21 to 23 be in 2017? The Gaza Anniversary, then beginning year 13. We shall see.
With Love and Shalom,