Jean Stepnoski (18 June 2017)
"With Thanks for Charles Holler"

   Thank you Charles for your encouraging and kind remarks. I too always read your posts and enjoy them. Concerning the next Feast of the Lord of number 5, the Feast of Trumpets, the Torah Calendar lists Yom Teruah Eve as 9-21. Elul 29, the Last Day of the Civil (King's) Calendar for the counting of years will be 9-20 to 21. The ending of the Year of Jubilee? This will be the Last Day of the Jewish Season of Pentecost (Shavuot) and the arrival of the Rosh Chodesh for month 7 of Tishri. The Hillel Calendar was not created until after Christ lived. I think a good case can be made that the Messiah followed the Torah Calendar and that is the most accurate calendar to use in following His example. The Sign of the Son of Man will be on 9-23 which will be The 3rd Day, counting backwards. Curiously enough, Hebrew is read from right to left. However, Jupiter will have been "birthed" out of Virgo on 9-9-2017. Not on 9-23. Will we be here on 9-23 for this important celestial statement over Jerusalem? Or might The Blessed Hope transpire on some day of the current Season of Pentecost? We are symbolically at the midst of the menorah at number 4 until Elul 29 is complete for Israel or globally everywhere. The Grand Finale Last Day of Elul 29? Might this be the appointed time for the completion of the Age and Season of Pentecost (Shavuot)? The Restrainer, the Comforter, taken away? We shall see.
With Love and Shalom,