Ibalog (4 June 2017)
""The Great wonder in Heaven is a"WEDDING INVITATION" !!"


Revelation 12 KJV - And there appeared a great wonder in - Bible ...

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun,
 and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:----The interpretation of the great sign or wonder in heaven: I'm putting words behind a "monumental picture"  to show everyone how important this wonder in heaven really is.I went through a 'purification process' before writing this article, not my first time I felt his hand on me.I really get no warning that he is about to use me, "I GET SICK".---Here it is: The women in the great sign of rev.12 is the bride of Christ, his called out ones. The meaning of the women being "clothed" with the sun in this great sign is the father telling us that the hour has arrived for his church to be [clothed with the "SON"] in HIS righteousness, to be very honest with my brothers and sisters I can't find a better word than "clothed",we will feel what that's like after the rapture. This women is about to be made one in him, can you see that to be "clothed" with the 'son' we must be "caught-up" where he is,where corruption puts on incorruption and mortality puts on immortality,raptured. This great sign in heaven is our father telling the world that his bride and the bridegroom are about to become one. I see the great sign as a 'wedding card' written in the stars if you will.--I was told I can add this too: The twelve stars in the crown over the head of the women in the great sign means much more than the representing of the 12 tribes of Israel, it also stands for the ruler-ship, authority over the nations. The 144000 witnesses,12000 from each tribe of Israel make up part of this crown of stars, please understand that 'my mind' can't comprehend the grandeur of this scene in heaven. I believe we will marvel over the size of this family when we get to heaven. The moon under her feet could be a marker of 'when' we are clothed. The moon under her feet will happen on September 23,2017----**YOU ARE INVITED TO THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB**.THE HOUR WILL BE ANNOUNCED WITH A SHOUT!THE VOICE OF A TRUMPET! WATCH FOR  "FEAST OF TRUMPETS" TIMELINE 2017 IN JERUSALEM. The Ceremony will be held at MY Residents in the "Garden of Heaven". Reception to follow. The Angels will further assist you a pond your arrival. I just wanted to make the invitation feel real to you./John the Attachment I sent you is me in my Stuart little car. Its a 1965 Shelby mustang cobra.