Ibalog (18 June 2017)
""urgent update about Asteroid impact on 6/23/2017??""


Hi all: When I was doing my yard work this week I thought of this. How can we shake people from 'all walks of life' on a global scale if we knew the rapture date is only a few days away. How would we alert everyone. If I were the father of creation would I use a massive "earthquake" to wake up everyone on earth, but earthquakes happen everyday even man could have caused it so I thought about the use of "war" to alert people out of their sleep, but 'wars and rumors of war' have been going on for quite sometime. How about "extreme weather with flooding, hail and tornadoes". There has always been weather changing factors that's nothing new. How about if I send a "huge asteroid" to impact the earth. Surely I believe that would cause many to stop in their tracks. If this event happens then I believe some would start thinking about eternity or question did God see this asteroid coming and are we really living at the "time of the end" of this age. Is the rapture that near? I believe many would think about their situation here and for some begin to realize they need to seek 'spiritual guidance' about their way of life here and for many begin to 'rethink' about their priorities.--- If God chooses to send a message by using the form of an "asteroid Impact" which could happen days before the rapture. My belief is if this event happens it was a well thought-out plan in heaven weighing all options . Keep in mind the 'asteroid' could strike this coming week. I hope not nor have I received any information from the Lord regarding this event,but I will keep this in mind that the Lord Jesus Christ 'Yehshua' could have decided this course of action long before I was born and even have chosen the time,date and place for this event in his wisdom. We are truly living at the end of this age so 'get-real' about knowing Jesus Christ 'Yehshua' our "only Savior" today. Your life will depend on where your relationship stands with him.  Some people will be looking for answers very shortly. Are we ready for that?--- Late addition to article;  I did not know this was published on 6/15/17 about meteor hitting the earth recently. https://youtu.be/ZB2t0UmTbAY?t=16.Eyewitnesses in South Africa the morning of June 15 just before sunrise saw a huge meteor that according to some accounts may have hit the earth. One witness says it did and that the [[earth shook]] following a loud ‘bang’. Earth’s atmosphere has been handling a debris cloud in the recent days-weeks and it appears some of this debris isn’t so small.