Ibalog (11 June 2017)
""MASSIVE Asteroid will hit Earth on June 23rd 2017" ??"

Let me say up-front that the jury is still out on this subject. I would like to share that I have been wrestling about if our father would give the world a 'warning' before the rapture. Our father YEHSHUA loves his creation so much that he is willing to do this catastrophic move to save as many as he can before the rapture, to save souls before their given over to Satan.--- The meteor indicator has been busy with over 100 meteors + per hour entering our atmosphere this week ahead of 6/23/17 the questioned asteroid date of Impact,and that's a sharp increase of meteors from the previous week. What are the chances now of a meteor hitting the earth with over 100/per hour meteors detected. I decided to revisit this prophecy about an asteroid strike off the Puerto-Rican coast by 'PROPHET EFRAIN RODRIGUEZ'. The date June 23,2017 stands out because its precisely 3 months. before 9/23/17 the feast of trumpets date. If we turn the 6 around in the date we have a 9.If this asteroid strike happens millions of people will die, but would this event also save millions from going to hell? 'If' this event happens people may have about 90 days left from feast of trumpets to get onboard for rapture I believe. I provided a link so you can listen to his presentation. He lifts up the name of 'Jesus' continually throughout his presentation and he also uses the words 'Holy Spirit' it's a name to me and I like that: The Link is: https://youtu.be/RcLoADi3Uik?t=11 The title is: [[[MUST WATCH] Urgent Warning to Earth! MASSIVE Asteroid will hit Earth on June 23rd 2017 ]]on you-tube. I also attached meteor indication graph. If the HOLY SPIRIT GIVES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DIRECTION ON WHAT TO DO before this event, than take it seriously. The Attachment is a meteor detection graph.