Humbly Irrelevant (18 June 2017)




Standing on the shore,

Gazing out to sea,

I watch the ships sail slowly past,

With no regard to me.


So many destinations,

Awaiting their soon arrival,

But here I stand in sinking sand,

Consumed with my own survival.


The tides will ebb and flow,

The stars will wax and wane,

My existence doesnít affect,

How they shift with mock disdain.


The Moon rises with such luminescence,

As the Sun plummets to a fiery death,

The feeling of insignificance,

Has begun to sap my breath.


What is the purpose for life?

What function am I serving here?

How do I know Iím heading in the right direction,

When my existence seems so unclear?


These thoughts disturb my mind,

Emanating from mortal flesh,

I know Iíll never be at ease,

Until my supplications are focused and fresh.


Sometimes the silence is deafening,

When my prayers seem to hit the ceiling,

But I know I must persist in faith,

And ďbe stillĒ while awaiting Healing.


There exists within a vacuous void,

Which only our Lord can fill,

No earthly wealth or worldly pleasure,

Can bring His wondrous thrill.


Patience is a virtue,

Trust in God an absolute essential,

Only when I allow Him into my heart,

Will I realize my Divine potential.


After an interminable span of darkness,

I again see the approaching dawn,

The SON was there all through the night,

As the waves rolled tumultuously on.