Humbly Irrelevant (18 June 2017)



By: Humbly Irrelevant


Each day seems to last an eternity,

While we anticipate our Final Deliverance,

The attacks of the adversary only increase with intensity,

As he relentlessly strives to achieve Heavenly severance.


His heathens rage with such ferocity,

They ridicule our Walk with vicious disdain,

Our vessels are thrashed by merciless fury,

And our resolve assailed by tumultuous rain.


But like fortresses stoutly buttressed,

And knights brandishing radiant shields,

We’re steadfast Doves with Godly wings,

Flying boldly through the enemy fields.


As valiant as trees withstanding a blizzard,

Bravely struggling to preclude their deaths,

Like roses perforated by endless gales,

We grasp longingly for our closing breaths.


Standing staunchly amidst the daily onslaught,

Solemn castles with protective moats,

Tenaciously facing the elements that seek to destroy,

We resist the daggers fiercely thrust at our throats.


Is our Faith worth all this pain?

Has it been worth our sacrifice of Pride?

Although we suffer daily in this world of “self”,

We know we’ve already been JUSTIFIED!!


Jesus paid a debt He didn’t owe,

Because we owe a debt we cannot pay,

Hence, determinedly we must continue to seek His Strength,

To help us endure until RAPTURE DAY!!!

God bless all the Doves that wait anxiously for His soon arrival!!