Fay (4 June 2017)
"Evil losing power over Believers"

For all the bad news - of which there is no lack, I have started to feel empowered. More confident. Not overwhelmed by the ridiculousness that abounds.I pray this feeling lasts. Step back and look at how hurried and rushed this attempt to change the world is. It's being piled on from all corners. Evil is relying on Christians being cowed into silence and submission. Nonsense. We have our LORD God's Holy Spirit, for goodness sake !! We are stronger than any of them. We simply don't recognise it. We allow the current status quo to depress us - subdue us. Render us useless. Ha! It took Trump to give us back our mojo. The likes of Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage to give us a voice. We should have been relying on Almighty God all this time. I, for one, have learned valuable lessons from this period in human history. I am a law abiding citizen who knows right from wrong. Bad from good. I am a Mother, a wife and a tax payer. I have the intelligence to know that the Bible is true - and no - this does NOT make me feel like a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. It makes me human and beloved of our Creator God.

The tide is turning, folks. Evil is being revealed as the farce that it is. This means our LORD is returning so very soon. Nothing will remain secret. ALL will be uncovered and revealed.

Luke 8:17 - For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Please read this gorgeous article. Link from Rapture Ready. It's a wonderful way to reveal the genius artist that we worship. Feel confident, brothers and sisters. The end is in sight. We have nothing to fear or mourn. Our beloved LORD is on His way. The clowns can attempt to carry on their sad little circus act for a while longer but they have pretty much lost the plot. And they know it too !

You Say There’s No God? :: By Donna Wasson - Rapture Ready