Fay (4 June 2017)
"Rolling on Floor - Laughing"

I remember reading about the Mosely bunch of idiots in UK who tried to cash in on the Hitler phenomenon at the time. All jack boots and bullying. Intimidation and fear. What broke them was humour. Guffaws of laughter started breaking out every time these wannabbes took to the streets in their silly uniforms - strutting and posturing - huffing and puffing their idiotic mantras. They became a laughing stock. Evil is so drearily clumsy. Ugly and lacking in style. Look at the old Hitler documentaries !!  Weird how so called educated people fell for the whole debacle. This short clip will amuse you - educate you - and verify your feeling that you are not insane. The Liberals (what a misnomer !!) have lost their power.

UK Katie Hopkins Nails It On The Dirty Tricks Of The Bullies Called The EU