Fay (18 June 2017)

I hope you have the time to watch this video clip. It's is VERY important. Steven Ben Nun. While you are watching, keep it at the forefront of your mind just where President Trump went on his last foreign jaunt. He visited the three main religions of this world. Islam, Judaism, Christianity. President Trump confirmed the leader of Islam to be Saudi Arabia - simply by going there and not to any other Muslim country. Trump confirmed the power of the Catholic church simply by visiting the Vatican. Rome. He visited Israel because Israel holds Jerusalem. God's Holy city. I fiercely object to the Pope and his unholy Vatican as being chosen as the representatives of Christianity. Absurd. However - the Vatican seems to hold the power of that position at present. Be that as it may - the POTUS paid flying visits to these 3 main religions. The cogs in the machinery have begun to whir. Bringing Christianity, Judaism and Islam under one banner and declaring Jerusalem to be the throne from which this abomination hopes to rule. 

This is all coming together with frightening speed.  This teaching was an eye opener for me.

Esau Exposed: What every Jew should Know