Fay (18 June 2017)
"Evil and it's Ridiculousness"

After reading about this (link below) on a multitude of websites, I finally blew a gasket. What utter absurdity. What normal, human parent is ever going to be okay with this? I can see the LGBT lot being fine with it but the majority of people on this planet are heterosexual.  Hence, our current population of 7 billion. You don't procreate to those numbers if the majority were gay. The rule is that the majority rules - right? Well - it doesn't seem to be working to formula, does it? The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Which is what they are changing this world into - a lunatic asylum. Built on lies, deception and self destruction. The attack on adults, we can just about cope with, but when they start spewing their poison at our children, it's way overdue that we bloody stop them. Just look at these freaks in the photos. They look like clowns. This is not benign entertainment or "education". This is taking our faces and rubbing them gleefully in the putrid mess of their evil. They are laughing at us - checking just how far they can push the envelope. I am FURIOUS.

Speak out when you have the opportunity - no matter how nervous you are. Stand up for good. Let's pray fervently for protection and guidance. We cannot do this without Almighty God. We need Him. We desperately need our LORD Jesus to come back and rescue us all. To bring a halt to this mindless, shocking, stinking evil.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus. Please, we beg of you.

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