Fay (18 June 2017)
"Just Look at how Human Beings have been Played"

No wonder we are told to forgive and forgive and forgive. Each other. It's a true lesson.  Stupid stuff that divides us .... and then rules us. I have to admit that I hold real grudges. For what, pray tell?? Man - I need to reassess - I really should let go. Even though I KNOW I am right !!. My grudges have real merit - but, in the grand scheme of things - gifted by the Holy Spirit - I really should let go. I pray the LORD's Holy Spirit allows me to do so. This is a very real lesson in human history. Very humbling. I do realise that I hold onto my grudges because they define me in some way. Make me feel superior. Especially with my God given faith. I should be the bigger person BECAUSE I have been gifted with the Holy Spirit. Instead (and this is difficult to admit) I am rather spiteful. In the nicest possible way, you understand!

Grant us wisdom, Father God. Please.

Images show Yugoslavians at an Egyptian refugee camp in World War II