Fay (18 June 2017)
"Bruce Baber - My True Home"

Gosh............simply beautiful, Bruce. Absolutely flipping beautiful. I long to see my gorgeous Mum. My dogs - Maverick (Irish Wolfhound) Sammi (Labrador) Smokey (Rhodesian Ridgeback) Jasper (mixed mutt but very much dominated by droopy eyed, turned out paws, Bassett Hound). I love my doggies. Big, swishy tailed dogs. Except for Jasper, of course. His tail had been chopped off (rescue dog). I pray for all my relatives and friends who have left this world. I picture them all in Heaven - happy and carefree. I can't wait to get there. My true home. It makes me cry and yearn.

Lovely post, Bruce.

My True Home