Fay (18 June 2017)
"Leftie Luvvies"

Spend a lot of time promoting the muslim cause and denigrating Israel. This article is about the annual "Al Quds" day, due to fall on June 18th this year. There's a demonstration planned in London for this day. There is opposition, as you will read in the article. It got me thinking. In all the previous years, the left had made huge inroads on behalf of so-called Palestine and world perception of Israel was not good. Now, however, we have all had a taste of what Israel has been enduring for years, at the hands of "peace loving Islamists". You would hope that support for the wretched PLO, Hamas et al., would now be rock bottom. All people of common sense would realise the truth of who the bad guy and who isn't.

Because the world leaders sided with the enemies of Israel, the scourge that hounds Israel has been allowed into our own back yards. We have tasted of their medicine and it is BITTER.