Fay (18 June 2017)
"Brace Yourselves for this One"

You are probably going to suspect I have lost my marbles and have Rapture Fever. Nevertheless, I am posting these stories and links because of the story I posted on the "meteor" that was seen in South Africa on June 15th. As you all know, one you tube video leads you to another. I'm also posting it because I have seen a UFO (large glowing orb - similar to the one that descended on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2011). Thankfully, I had a witness with me - otherwise you start doubting your own sanity. Gary Stearman has also testified about his personal sighting as well. I find it beyond coincidence that these things centre on the location of Puerto Rico. I will locate some of the other video clips I have seen and post them on another email to Doves.

'This is NOT a hoax' Asteroid strike will kill millions in JUNE, shocking video claims